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Source: State of Tasmania Government

17 November 2020

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

Rebecca White and Labor have already begun flagging where they would shred infrastructure funding – which would cost Tasmanian jobs.

Is this a continuation of their attacks on TasPorts over the past year, or just evidence they are too lazy to do the research properly?

Labor has today claimed they would offer $150 million for ports.

FACT: The Tasmanian Liberal Government is delivering over $200 million for ports, under TasPorts 15 year Master Plan.

Labor says it would put $80 million into the Burnie Port.

FACT: Under our Port Master Plan, $100 million will be invested at the Port of Burnie to deliver a significant increase in capacity. As part of the works, significant dredging to accommodate Toll’s new ships and berth congestion relief works have already been undertaken. TasPorts aims to further expand this work under its Burnie Export Gateway initiative, to meet increased future business demand from forestry, mining and cruise ships.

Labor claims it would put $60 million into the Devonport Port.

FACT: This is already being delivered by the Liberal Government, with $60 million to be invested at Devonport under the TasPorts Master Plan.

Labor is promising $10 million for the Bell Bay Port.

FACT: Again, $10 million will be invested at Bell Bay Port under the TasPorts Master Plan.

Does Ms White seriously think she can fool Tasmanians by simply stealing our costings for projects and from the TasPorts website and pretending they are her own? She’s even failed in a copycat policy by promising less than we have already committed.

Even worse, Labor still hasn’t committed to the $40 million Burnie Shiploader investment, which is a massive investment in the Port of Burnie that is currently out for tender.

Labor claims it would fast-track the Bass Strait ferries, but with no detail, and a clear ambition to fast-track every job to Europeans instead of Tasmanians and Australians.

Ms White’s announcement today is simply a lazy attempt to distract from the fact that she has always dealt with her friends the Greens, and would again, in a heartbeat, deal with the Greens – putting in jeopardy Tasmania’s economic recovery and the jobs needed by our community.

Our focus is on building confidence for Tasmanian businesses and communities and creating Tasmanian jobs as we recover and rebuild a stronger Tasmania.