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NJ-07 continues to tighten with Tom Malinowski’s lead getting cut by the thousands with every new update.

This race is one to watch.

In case you missed it…

Malinowski vs. Kean race is getting tight

Matt Friedman


The AP dodged a bullet after it, like Fox News, called Arizona for Joe Biden. That state is on track to go for Biden, albeit very narrowly, and definitely too close for comfort on the decision desks.

But late-coming results may give the AP some indigestion in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, where Republican Tom Kean has steadily chipped away at Democrat Tom Malinowski’s lead since election night, when the AP called the race for Malinowski. As the Kean campaign predicted, the late votes have been breaking Kean’s way with thousands of ballots left to count. As of last night, Malinowski’s lead had dipped below 10,000, according to David Wildstein, with up to 60,000 ballots left to count.

“Every vote needs to be counted in this election before anyone can claim victory or defeat,” Kean spox Harrison Neely said. “They are counting ballots in the order they were received, and we know from tracking returns there was heavy Republican turnout in the days leading up to Election Day. This race is not over yet.”

And this from Malinowski Campaign Manager Daniel Fleiss: “We all have to be patient and trust in the democratic process, but we’re confident that when the votes have been counted, Tom Malinowski will be re-elected.”