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Still from the film “Love and Doves”. Directed by V. Menshov. 1984 year

The participants will have to answer questions about the childhood of the actress, her first bright roles, the period of oblivion and the grandiose return to the cinema in a new role.

From the birthday of the People’s Artist of the USSR Lyudmila Gurchenko, November 12 marks 85 years. She played many memorable roles, audiences of different generations know and love her, and critics have always noted the extraordinary, giftedness and special elegance of the actress. For the memorable date, the Discover Moscow portal has prepared online questdedicated to the biography and creative path of the legendary artist, and invites everyone to answer 10 questions.

“The entire creative life of Lyudmila Gurchenko is connected with the capital. In memory of the actress, the Discover Moscow portal prepared a thematic quest. Users, among other things, will have to answer what places in Moscow have become the scenery for films with her participation, ”said Sergey Shakryl, curator of IT projects in the field of culture and business

Information Technology Department.

The first question is related to the childhood of the actress. Her father was asked to name the newborn Kima, Noyabrina, Iskra, Vladlena, Marklena, Oktyabrina and even Myuda – in the 1930s, many new names were invented, reminiscent of the revolution, its leaders or new holidays. For example, the name Myuda was fashionable, derived from the name of the holiday International Youth Day. However, Mark Gurchenko chose the name Lusya (in full version Ludmila). In honor of whom – the participants will have to answer this question.

The father supported his daughter in choosing a profession when, after graduating from school in 1953, she gathered in Moscow. The future star managed to conquer the capital, having entered a prestigious theater university the first time. Users will be prompted to recall its name in the second question of the quest.

Then the participants will need to answer in which film Lyudmila Gurchenko played her first role. The picture was not popular, but the young actress managed to make herself known. “I didn’t come here to keep quiet!” She said from the screen.

Fame came to Gurchenko after the release of the comedy “Carnival Night”, the third question of the quest is connected with this tape. Many young artists applied for the role of the main character, among them was the student Gurchenko, but she did not pass the test. The situation changed due to a chance meeting with director Ivan Pyryev in the corridor of Mosfilm. Users need to answer why she was not immediately approved for the role.

After “Carnival Night”, a script was written especially for Lyudmila Gurchenko. The authors hoped that the participation of the popular artist would attract a lot of viewers, but the new film did not have much success. In addition, the stamp of the actress of the dance genre was then entrenched in her. Which picture almost ruined the artist’s career is the fifth question of the quest.

Next, the participants will have to name a film where Gurchenko played the first dramatic role. This tape appeared in a difficult period for her: for ten years it was filmed mainly at small republican film studios, the films were not known to a wide audience. But it was at this time that Gurchenko began to play serious roles. The movie, which should be named by users, was the first where she revealed herself as a versatile actress.

The next question is about the famous film “Love and Doves”. Recognized beauties of Soviet cinema fought for the right to appear in the film. Initially, Raisa Zakharovna, played by Gurchenko, was supposed to appear in the frame only a few times, but in the process of filming, they decided to expand the role. The participants in the quest will have to answer who competed with Lyudmila Gurchenko at the casting.

The last questions are about the filming locations of the films with the actress. For example, users will answer where they filmed most of the “Station for Two” and on which metropolitan highway they staged a chase for the scenes in the film “Old Nags”. After completing the quest, participants will be able to share the results on social networks.

Lyudmila Gurchenko was born in Kharkov on November 12, 1935, where she graduated from high school and received her first acting experience. In 1953, Gurchenko moved to Moscow. During her career, the actress has played dozens of roles in theater and cinema. Success brought her roles in the films “Carnival Night”, “Twenty Days Without War”, “Station for Two”, “Love and Doves”, “Old Nags”. The artist died at the age of 75 on March 30, 2011, she is buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery.

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