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Source: China State Council Information Office 3

A stage play based on true poverty relief stories in northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region will run Nov. 19 – 22 in Beijing.

The China Coal Mine Art Troupe and Yinchuan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, Film and Television co-produced the stage play entitled “In Love with Helan.” The title refers to the Helan Mountains, a mountain range located on the boundary of Ningxia and Inner Mongolia. 

2020 is a decisive year in China’s fight against poverty alleviation and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. The play conjures memories of when, in 1996, the State Council called upon the well-off Fujian province in southeast China to aid Ningxia. In the following year, Fujian and Ningxia governments worked together on a demonstration project to relocate residents from remote mountainous areas to the newly built Minning town for economic aid and poverty relief.

Managers and artists from The China Coal Mine Art Troupe went to Minning town in 2019 for inspiration and were left in awe by the town’s development. Then they decided to create a stage play based on true local events, hiring Xu Tao as director and casting famous actress Miao Pu and actor Nie Yuan as the lead performers. 

“I was inspired by the theme of poverty alleviation, which gave me a lot of motivation to make this play. We are in such a great era and are fortunate to have experienced such progress, so we should participate in developmental projects as much as possible. Our play is not a large-scale production with lavish stage sets and design, but it is kind of large-scale on a spiritual level, demonstrating the inner world and spiritual height of poverty alleviation between cadres and people in poverty-stricken areas,” director Xu said at a press conference held on Nov. 9 in Beijing.

At the conference, actress Miao described her role in the play as a poverty alleviation cadre who comes from a southern city to the poor mountainous area of Yinchuan city. “In order to help the locals alleviate poverty, she spends five or six years in a difficult environment and eventually even sacrifices her life. This spirit is very touching. The character encouraged me and pushed me to keep going whenever I felt frustrated. I hope that people can go to the theater to watch the show and feel the charm of the stage drama, as well as better understand the significance of poverty alleviation.”

The show will be staged at Er Qi Theater in Beijing. 

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