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Source: BMW Group With the model designed for pure electric mobility from the start, BMW is redefining the successful vehicle concept of the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). With its completely redeveloped, precise and minimalist design, the BMW iX is the first model of a future-oriented generation of automobiles that redefines the driving experience, the sense of space and the relationship between the vehicle and its occupants. The BMW iX provides the latest innovations in the areas of electrification, automated driving and connectivity for a mobility experience that focuses more than ever on people. For this purpose, its design was developed from the inside out. The BMW iX is designed as an individual place for quality of life and wellbeing. The clear and minimalist design of its exterior expresses the dawn of a new form of mobility that is consistently oriented towards the needs of the occupants. Its interior offers pioneering opportunities to use the time of driving in a self-determined manner while enjoying relaxation, security and a new form of luxury. New technology flagship of the BMW Group from the future workshop BMW i. Design and technology of the BMW iX form a complete package. that creates the conditions for a driving experience that is new in many ways. It embodies the character of the BMW i brand in a particularly comprehensive form, which stands for the change in individual mobility and plays a central role within the BMW Group as a future workshop and innovation driver for the entire company. “The BMW Group constantly strives to innovate to invent. That is a central component of our corporate strategy, ”says Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. “The BMW iX expresses this approach in a particularly concentrated form.” The BMW iX will be produced as the BMW Group’s new technology flagship at the BMW Dingolfing plant from the second half of 2021. In it, the company’s latest developments focus on the strategic innovation fields of design, automated driving, connectivity, electrification and services. In addition, the vehicle concept and design of the BMW iX are based on a holistic understanding of sustainability. This is reflected, among other things, in optimized aerodynamic properties, intelligent lightweight construction and the extensive use of natural materials and recycled materials, which contribute to a future-oriented expression of luxury and comprehensive well-being in the interior. Outstanding efficiency and long range thanks to BMW eDrive technology The fifth generation of the BMW eDrive technology, which includes the two electric motors, the power electronics, the charging technology and the high-voltage battery, guarantees maximum efficiency. The drive developed by the BMW Group and manufactured in a sustainable production process without the use of critical raw materials from the so-called rare earths area will, according to the latest calculations, generate a maximum output of more than 370 kW / 500 PS and the BMW iX in less than 5, Accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 0 seconds, with the clear goal of a combined power consumption of less than 21 kWh per 100 kilometers in the WLTP test cycle, which is exceptionally low in the competitive environment. With a gross energy content of more than 100 kWh, the high-voltage storage of the latest generation should enable a range of more than 600 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. This corresponds to more than 300 miles under EPA test cycle FTP-75. (All information on driving performance, energy consumption and range are forecasts based on the previous level of development of the vehicle.) DC fast charging: More than 120 kilometers additional range in ten minutes. The new charging technology of the BMW iX enables DC fast charging with a Output of up to 200 kW. In this way, the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent of its total capacity in less than 40 minutes. In addition, enough energy can be fed in within ten minutes to increase the range by more than 120 kilometers. The time required to charge the high-voltage battery from zero to 100 percent on a wallbox with an output of 11 kW is less than eleven hours. The batteries of the BMW iX are designed as part of a long-term resource cycle and enable a particularly high recycling rate. Electricity from renewable sources is used exclusively for the production of the battery cells and the entire high-voltage storage system. New modular technology as the basis for further advances on the path to automated driving. The new modular technology, used for the first time in the BMW iX, also forms the basis for significant progress in the Areas of automated driving and digital services. For example, the computing power is geared towards processing a data volume that is 20 times higher than that of previous models. This means that about twice as much data from the vehicle sensors can be processed as before. “With the technology of the BMW iX we are setting standards in the industry: The BMW iX has more computing power for data processing, more powerful sensors than the latest vehicles in our current portfolio, is 5G- capable, will receive new and improved automated driving and parking functions and uses the powerful fifth generation of our electric drive, ”says Frank Weber, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for development. New design for a new driving experience. The pioneering character of the BMW iX is clearly expressed in its design. It focuses on the functionality of the BMW iX as a locally emission-free automobile and experience space for comfortable mobility in everyday life and when traveling. This creates the basis for a new driving experience characterized by familiarity, relaxation and self-determination. In the exterior of the BMW iX, the powerful proportions of a large SAV from BMW are reinterpreted in an individual way. In terms of length and width, the BMW iX is comparable to the BMW X5; thanks to the flowing roof line, its height is almost the same as the BMW X6, while the size of its wheels is based on the BMW X7. The minimalist use of character lines and the generously modeled surfaces ensure for a confident look. The precise lines, the clear structure and the almost rectangular contours in the area of ​​the wheel arches create the impression of a monolithic vehicle body. The reduced design language draws attention to precisely designed details that emphasize the high-quality character, brand identity and optimized aerodynamic properties of the BMW iX.Vehicle front: expressive, vertical kidney grille as an intelligence surface. In the center of the vehicle front is the expressive, vertically aligned BMW kidney grille . Since the electric drive of the BMW iX only requires a small amount of cooling air, the BMW kidney grille is completely closed. Instead, it takes on the digital function of an intelligence surface. Camera technology, radar functions and other sensors are seamlessly integrated into the BMW kidney grille and are located behind a transparent surface. The kidney of the BMW iX, developed in the Landshut Lightweight Construction and Technology Center (LuTZ) of the BMW Group and also produced there, is the symbol designed with high technological effort for intelligent mobility. It takes on the role of an innovative and multifunctional high-tech construction for advanced driver assistance systems with which the BMW iX paves the way to automated driving. Clearly designed surfaces, discreetly integrated technology. Other highlights in the exterior design of the BMW iX include the slimmest ever on one Model of the BMW Group realized headlights, the flush integrated door opener that can be operated at the push of a button, the frameless side windows as well as the luggage compartment lid that extends over the entire rear section without any separating joints and the extremely narrow rear lights, as well as the BMW kidney grille, numerous other inconspicuously positioned cameras and sensors as well The flush door openers are also the washer fluid filler neck located under the BMW logo on the bonnet and the reversing camera integrated into the BMW logo on the boot lid are examples of the Shy Tech principle implemented in the design of the BMW iX. The technology remains in the background, its functions only appear at the moment of use. “The BMW iX shows how we can give new technologies a very modern and emotional design. The vehicle is technologically highly complex, but its appearance is very clear and uncomplicated, ”says Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design. “The BMW iX offers a mobile living space in which people feel comfortable and the vehicle’s intelligence is always available without being obtrusive.” Interior design: The focus is on people. Generous space, a high-quality mix of materials, newly developed seats with integrated headrests and an exceptionally large panoramic glass roof creates a luxurious lounge atmosphere on all five seats in the interior of the BMW iX. The completely redeveloped architecture in the interior of the BMW iX enables clear and uncomplicated functionality to be displayed, which is fully geared towards the needs and emotions of the driver and his fellow passengers. The lack of a center tunnel made possible by the drive concept underlines the open feeling of space and creates additional legroom in the front and rear seats as well as space for shelves and a center console, which is designed like a high-quality piece of furniture. A reduced design language and clearly structured surfaces bring out the generosity of the ambience even more intensely. All displays and controls are reduced to the essentials, so that the impression of a tidy interior inviting to relaxation is further reinforced. The technology of the BMW iX is used intelligently and only appears when it is needed. As a result, it is not perceived as complex, but can be used intuitively. The interior design conveys a feeling of security and familiarity and creates a new kind of connection between the occupants and the vehicle. The principle of Shy Tech is implemented in the interior with invisibly integrated loudspeakers, filigree air vents, heated surfaces and the very homogeneous and almost invisible projector of the BMW Head-Up Display embedded in the dashboard. The hexagonal steering wheel, a rocker switch for selecting the gear steps and the BMW Curved Display as part of the next generation of the BMW Operating System immediately signal a future-oriented form of driving pleasure. More range thanks to intelligent lightweight construction and optimized aerodynamic properties. Energy efficiency and range of the BMW iX benefit from innovative solutions in the areas of lightweight construction and aerodynamics. Its body structure with aluminum spaceframe and innovative carbon cage leads to extremely high torsional rigidity in favor of agility and maximum occupant protection with an optimized weight at the same time. The intelligent mix of materials, in which different materials show their specific qualities at the ideal location, is unique in the BMW iX segment. Together with the very good aerodynamic properties, it helps the BMW iX to display a remarkably calm and relaxed driving behavior while at the same time reacting both spontaneously and precisely to every movement of the accelerator pedal and steering wheel resulting from the purely electric drive, and a particularly comprehensive implementation of tried and tested measures in the areas of the vehicle front, underbody, wheels and rear helps the BMW iX to achieve optimized aerodynamic properties that affect both the performance and the range of the purely electrically powered SAV have a positive effect. With a drag coefficient (CW value) of just 0.25, the BMW iX has outstanding aerodynamic properties in its vehicle segment.


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