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The Moscow government has restarted the “Electronic House” project. Now it is a website and application that allows you to quickly receive all information related to your home, manage your home, communicate with neighbors and hold general meetings online.

In project “Electronic house”new opportunities have appeared. Using the platform for managing apartment buildings, you can submit a malfunction report to the management organization, transfer the readings of water and electricity meters, find out the news of the house and the area, pay for utility bills, write a message to the management organization and contact neighbors.

One of the main innovations of the project is holding general meetings of owners online. This opportunity will appear in the project in accordance with Law No. 156-FZ “On Amendments to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation.”

The document eliminates the need for a preliminary general meeting of owners in the traditional format to switch to an electronic voting format. This decision can now be made at the first online meeting. For residents of Moscow, the regional system is the basis of which the Electronic House project has been implemented.

From November 12, apartment owners whose houses are included in the 2022 overhaul plan can hold a general meeting electronically using platform “Electronic House”… And from 2021, all Muscovites will have such an opportunity

“The ability to participate in the life of your home remotely is especially important now, when the epidemiological situation remains quite difficult. Citizens can continue to lead an active social life even while staying in their apartment. Citizens over 18 years of age can use the new functionality of the Electronic Home platform, ”said Alexander Pischelko, head of the New Management Technologies State Institution.

You no longer need to wait for the results of the inspection of the protocol of the primary general house meeting of owners by the Moscow Housing Inspectorate and the inclusion of the house in the register of houses, where it is allowed to conduct these meetings in electronic form.

Also, by the decision of the owners, the duration of voting at the meeting can be set within the range from seven to 60 calendar days. Previously, the term was fixed at five working days.

In addition, the new functionality allows any individual or legal entity chosen by the participants at previous meetings to become an administrator of general house meetings of premises owners in the “Electronic House”. However, in accordance with Federal Law No. 156-FZ, only the initiator of the first meeting in the system can be the administrator.

How to use the functions of the “Electronic home”

To access the platform, the user needs to confirm that he is related to a particular apartment building. He can live there, be registered or be the owner. This data should be entered in your personal account on in the Profile section of the Real Estate tab. To enter a new address, you must click on the “Add an apartment” button. Next, you need to add the street name, house and apartment numbers.

The address can be confirmed in three ways:

– enter the payer code of your ENP (10-digit number);

– select the type of address (“registration address”) and wait for confirmation by the system;

– confirm the ownership of the specified address by checking the “Owned / owned” box. In some cases, you will need to upload the necessary documents and wait for the right confirmation.

Profile with personal data on the portal automatically synchronizes with the profile on the Electronic Home platform.

If the user enters the payer’s code (10-digit ENP code), then in the “Electronic House” he can:

– receive news about events held in his area and house, work in the house or about the emergence of a new survey among residents;

– send requests for malfunctions in the house or in the local area and contact the management organization;

– take part in polls that are published by other residents or the management company;

– view the list of neighbors and correspond with them in the chat;

– get access to a constantly updated database of training materials and the legislative framework of the housing and communal services sector;

– transmit the readings of water and electricity meters and pay receipts for housing and communal services;

– to use the electronic general bulletin board.

If the user confirms the registration at the address, then in addition to the above functions, he gets the opportunity to independently create polls among neighbors. And confirmation of ownership makes it possible to participate in legally significant surveys regarding the installation of a barrier, in general meetings of owners, as well as initiate them independently.

To access all the features of the Electronic House, add the following data to your profile:

– surname, name, patronymic;

– date of birth;


– passport data.

It is important to know that the functionality of the “Electronic House” project is available to residents of all apartment buildings. It does not depend on who serves these houses – the commercial management organization or the State Budgetary Institution Zhilishchnik. The only exceptions are the functions of the site concerning the transmission of meter readings and payment of utility bills. To do this, you need the ENP payer code.

If the house is connected to the Unified Information and Settlement Center (EIRTS), then the payer code of its residents is standard and contains 10 digits. Such a code will be accepted by the system as correct, and residents will be able to pay for utilities and transmit meter readings. If the house is not connected to the EIRTS, then these functions will be unavailable for its residents.

In addition, applications for troubleshooting a house or apartment can be submitted only if the management organization has an agreement with a single dispatch center (UDC).

It is worth noting that home owners have the right to resolve the issue of connecting to the EIRTs at a general meeting of owners. If the decision turns out to be positive, then the managing organization will be obliged to comply with it.

How the Electronic House platform is developing

“Electronic home” is a state platform where residents can communicate with each other and solve their problems. Now the updated platform “Electronic House” includes the website, applications “Electronic House Moscow” for iOS and Android, as well as a personal account for managing organizations.

The decision to expand the functions of the pilot project “Electronic House” was made based on the results of the collection of opinions of residents, organized in September 2019 at crowdsourcing platform of the Moscow Government

More than 11 thousand participants in the discussion proposed about two thousand ideas for expanding the functionality and filling the project. According to the results of the expert selection and voting of residents, 342 best ideas were taken into the development plan of the “Electronic Home” for 2020–2025. Most of them are planned to be implemented by the end of 2021.

The pilot project “Electronic Home” began its work in 2018 on the platform “Active Citizen”. In two years, more than three thousand houses have joined the project. More than three thousand polls were conducted in the system, over 52 thousand residents took part in them.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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