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Source: China State Council Information Office

China will continue to support the united European project and is willing to cooperate fully with the European Union (EU) in addressing global issues and challenges such as nuclear proliferation and climate change, China’s former vice minister of foreign affairs said Wednesday.
He Yafei, China’s former vice minister of foreign affairs who currently serves as the co-chair of the Center for China and Globalization (CCG), made the statement at a webinar about China-EU relations during the sixth China and Globalization Forum.
“Whatever differences we have with European countries, or the EU in general, they would not hinder the long-term cooperation between us,” He said. 
Concerning the future global economic and geopolitical landscape, the ex-minister believed unpredictable advances in technologies, traditional security threats such as military confrontation, and new challenges featuring public health and cybersecurity have added uncertainty to the world.
He stressed that there are two kinds of challenges, domestic and global, which are often highly interrelated.
“Without a favorable cooperative international environment, it will be extremely difficult for a single country or a group of countries like the EU to address domestic challenges,” He explained. 
“Without successfully overcoming domestic difficulties, again, it will present much hindrance and difficulties to engage in international cooperation because some people will blame their domestic problems on globalization.”
He said he hoped that China, the EU and the U.S. could join hands to repair the global governance architecture currently in disarray.
“All of us need to re-visit this world, rethinking about who we are, what role we can play, and what kind of world we expect to have in the future,” he urged.
“Inaction is suicidal,” he added.

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