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Chief Executive Carrie Lam today dismissed suggestions that the Legislative Council will serve as a rubber stamp for the Government after pan-democratic members threatened to resign, leaving only the pro-establishment members in LegCo.

She made the remarks during a media session in response to questions on the mass resignation likely to be made by pan-democratic legislators after the Government announced the disqualification of four members of their camp.

Mrs Lam said the move would result in a total of 19 less members in the council who are supposed to discharge their responsibilities in the extended term for no less than one year.

“I would not say that for members remaining in LegCo, we would have a rubber stamp legislature.

“Each member of LegCo has to account for his or her actions to the constituents, to their voters. And there are many occasions that even amongst the so-called pro-establishment members that our proposals did not get through, either because they said that they were not good enough or they said that they were not welcomed by members in their respective constituents.

“So I clearly will say that it is unfair to the pro-establishment members that once the 19 members have left LegCo, then they will become a rubber stamp of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. That certainly would not happen.”

Mrs Lam emphasised that she welcomes diverse opinions in the council.

“I respect the checks and balances responsibility of LegCo – that is clearly written in the Basic Law as the constitutional duties of LegCo. But all these responsibilities have to be exercised in a responsible manner.”

She added that LegCo’s statutory quorum could still be maintained as there are more than 35 members to enable the council to operate in the coming months.

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