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Source: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – Report:

President Ashraf Ghani has received a letter from Aga Khan Cultural Services-Afghanistan on renovation of the Minaret Five of Gowharshad’s Musallah Complex.

According to the letter, His Highness the Aga Khan has welcomed the government of Afghanistan for placing confidence in AKCSA and its ability to undertake the project.

The letter reads, “His Highness endorsed the project and approved that it moves forward with urgency.”

“Through its multi-year conservation program in Herat, which included work on the Timurid shrine of Abdullah Nsari and the Ikhtyaruddine citadel, Aga Khan Cultural Services-Afghanistan has indeed the required experience and expertise to undertake work on this very important and necessary endeavor. AKCSA’s work on the difficult structural consolidation of the 9th century Noh Gunbad Mosque in Balkh will provide valuable experience on the Gowharshad’s Musallah Complex project,” the letter reads.

President Ashraf Ghani lauded Aga Khan Cultural Service-Afghanistan for renovation of historical sites and monuments in various areas of the country, particularly those in Herat.

President Ghani expressed gratitude to AKCSA for its coordination and collaboration with the Afghan government on restoration and renovation of Afghanistan’s historical sites and cultural relics.

The President said the Government of Afghanistan will allocate the required budget for the first phase of survey and renovation of the Minaret Five of Herat Musallah.

President Ghani added that the government in cooperation with international partners will provide financial resources for implementation of the second phase while AKCSA will cover the technical affairs to ensure the minaret is fully renovated.

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