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Source: Government of Western Australia

The Shire of Ashburton recently undertook an in-depth foreshore protection study in Onslow, inspecting the current seawall and measures in place to stabilise and protect the coastal area and surrounds.

Shire of Ashburton President Kerry White said that similar to a number of neighbouring coastal communities, Onslow and the Shire, need to prepare against the threat of rising sea levels to property, infrastructure, and the environment.

“Rising sea levels, and the effects of storm events such as ocean storm surge, flooding induced from rainfall and rising water tables, affect the speed of coastal erosion and the viability of low lying areas of Onslow”, said Councillor White.

“As part of the Shire’s continued coastal management plan, Council allocated $900,000 this year towards Onslow’s foreshore improvement and protection, including a 120m seawall extension near the ANZAC Memorial site.

“The seawall works also include a new outfall structure at the eastern end of the seawall, a new stormwater outlet structure mid-way along the seawall, and repairs to existing stormwater tidal flaps.  These works are intended to provide for more effective stormwater egress to the ocean.

“The construction of a seawall at the ANZAC Memorial Site is also included and design is expected to be finalised by the end of December with construction of the wall mid next year.

“With cyclone season approaching, a number of drainage works have been completed that will assist with future flood protection in the short term including clearing of existing stormwater pipes, repairing damaged sections of pipe to ensure suitable flow outwards, clearing tree roots from the pipe network and excessive vegetation form the detention basins, and improving the finished levels in the detention basin system to allow water to flow naturally.

“Future drainage and stormwater works continue to form part of a Stormwater Drainage Renewal Program for the Shire including sump pump chambers to minimise the potential impact of flood water in and around low lying areas of the town.

“Longer term, the Shire is continuing to consider numerous studies that highlight levels and areas of Onslow likely to be affected by a rise in sea level into a future coastal management plan that will feed into our future Local Planning Schemes and incorporate a CHRMAP that informs the actions required to meet the challenge of sea level rise and coastal erosion.

“We will continue to work with community members and stakeholders on Onslow’s future protection needs and impacts of an overall plan once determined”.

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