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Every change of presidential administration changes the direction of our country, opening new possibilities, and we have to act now to seize them.

Vital protections for the environment and democracy are within reach. Joe Biden will have the power to usher through many of the progressive wins we need using the power of executive action. The Biden Administration has the power to enact the necessary changes needed in our political system.

With Joe Biden being declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, we can start the hard work of making up for lost time, addressing the climate crisis, and protecting the planet.

To end the reign of the fossil fuel industry and lead on climate action, President-elect Biden must start with an administration and cabinet free of fossil fuel industry cronies. Tell President-elect Biden to reject all fossil fuel industry executives, lobbyists, and representatives from his administration.

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There is no time to waste. President-elect Biden is choosing his cabinet as I write this. He needs to hear from you today!

This bold transition must start with a robust and qualified administration that will act in the people’s best interest, not on behalf of oil and gas CEOs. We need President-elect Biden to appoint intersectional climate champions who will work with us to end the age of fossil fuel racism. Because every day, these will be the people guiding the president’s decisions on climate and energy policy for the next four years.

It’s time to end the age of fossil fuel racism and build a good life for all of us, and it starts right now! We cannot allow the oil-drenched hands of oil industry lobbyists to control our future any longer. That is why we demand no fossil fuel influence in the new administration and executive action on Day One. Beyond a green and just recovery to launch the decade of the Green New Deal, Joe Biden must take executive action his first day in office to stop fossil fuel companies from drilling their way to climate catastrophe. Only then can we advance climate and environmental justice for communities of color and working families.

Act now: Tell Joe Biden that the climate can’t afford another administration controlled by oil and gas industry interests. Appoint a fossil fuel free administration.

As we fight to end the age of fossil fuel racism, let’s replace it with the age of people power centering Black, Brown and, Indigenous communities and amplifying leaders who are impacted the most by oil and gas extraction. Together, we won’t stand for four more years of business as usual. We demand a leader who will fight back against the status quo and will work with us to fight for a resilient, new fossil free-free future where all people have what they need to thrive.

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