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Source: United States House of Representatives – Congressman Dan Meuser (PA-9)

POTTSVILLE, Pa. – Today, Congressman Dan Meuser (PA-9) and the Pennsylvania Republican Congressional Delegation expressed their collective concerns over the Commonwealth’s handling of the General Election in a letter to Governor Tom Wolf, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar:

“As members of the Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation, we greatly understand that when a legislative body creates law, the duty of an administration is to faithfully execute these laws. However, we are deeply concerned with how the commonwealth has handled the general election.

“From last minute guidance provided to the counties on the eve of the election, to the Attorney General playing dual roles as a political candidate and legal arbiter with a vested personal interest, to volunteer legal observers being prevented from having access to vote counting locations, we believe these conflicts and irregularities have greatly eroded public trust in the Commonwealth’s electoral system.

“The citizens of the Commonwealth do not just expect free and fair elections, they deserve free and fair elections. 

“We believe that every legal vote should be counted, and it is incumbent upon the Secretary of the Commonwealth to discount any votes that do not meet the letter of the law. On Friday, November 6, United States Supreme Court Justice Alito issued a temporary order requiring election officials to segregate ballots received after 8 p.m. on election day. While Secretary Boockvar has indicated this has been occurring in Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, there has been little evidence to support her statements.

“This uncertainty follows guidance issued to the counties on the eve of the election instructing them to disclose to party operatives individual information associated with rejected mail in ballots, in an attempt to have corrections made, which is in direct conflict with Pennsylvania election law. Following immediate compliance with Justice Alito’s order, we believe the only path forward is for Secretary Boockvar’s immediate resignation from office.

“Statements made by Attorney General Shapiro, including social media posts calling the outcome of the election, prior to the tabulation of a single vote are troubling and highlight the Attorney General’s inability to maintain impartiality and to separate his sworn duties from his political desires. We believe that due to this conflict, Attorney General Shapiro must recuse himself from all future election proceedings and appoint an impartial designee moving forward.

“As many of these issues will now be addressed by the United States Supreme Court, we remain concerned about the integrity of the election and continued attempts by the administration and its officials to put their thumbs on the scale in pursuit of what they believe should be a preordained outcome. These actions continue to chip away at the foundations of our representational democracy and challenge the citizens of Pennsylvania’s faith in their government. We implore you to put politics aside and provide these requests all due consideration.”

To read the full letter, click HERE.