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Maintaining moisture, cleanliness and calcium supplements in the feed will ensure a long and healthy snail life.

Today, more and more Muscovites have the most unusual pets, according to the capital’s veterinarians. The townspeople prefer not only various reptiles, but also giant snails – Achatina.

Achatina is a tropical animal. It multiplies rapidly and becomes a malicious pest, so in some countries its breeding is strictly prohibited. In Russia, the thermophilic Achatina is referred to as pets, because it cannot survive on its own in our climatic conditions.

The main thing is proper care

Taking care of a giant snail doesn’t take long. But some factors are worth considering for future owners.

Achatina can grow up to 20 centimeters. It must be kept in a container with a volume of at least 10 liters. At the bottom of the container, you can place sphagnum, soil without fertilizer or coconut substrate. The layer should be six to 10 centimeters long so that Achatina can hide. Dry leaves can be added on top. Now the content of snails on padding polyester or foam rubber mats is gaining popularity.

The container in which Achatina lives must be well ventilated. It is also necessary to maintain the temperature in the container at 22-24 degrees Celsius, otherwise the snail may die. The air in the container must be humid. To do this, it is recommended to spray the substrate twice a day with water at room temperature. To keep your snail healthy, you need to keep the container where it lives clean. Timely cleaning will prevent mold, which can be detrimental to your pet’s health.

What do snails eat?

The diet of Achatina is vegetable food. Young snails should be fed with fresh vegetables and fruits: cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, apples, bananas. In summer, Achatina eat dandelions and nettles. The snail’s diet must include calcium for the shell to grow. It is found in eggshells. You can crush the shells to a powder and mix them with fruits or vegetables. Snails are contraindicated: salty, flour, smoked and sweet.

Water procedures

Achatins love warm water very much. You can bathe snails both in the bathtub and under a tap. Water procedures should be carried out as the shell becomes dirty.

With proper care, keeping the snail will not cause any inconvenience. It does not make noise, does not spoil furniture and leaves almost no marks. It is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

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