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Source: Council of the European Union 2

Indicative programme

Beginning of the video conference of ministers of Trade, 9 November

  • Discussion on trade relations with the United States.
  • Review recent developments related to the trade policy review exercise and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) reform.
  • Trade relations with China.
  • Progress achieved on on-going legislative files (public session at +/- 13.10)

At the end of the meeting (+/- 14.00) – press conference in live streaming.

Arrangements for the press conference

Please note that there will be no physical press conference

EU accredited journalists will be able to ask questions remotely provided they have registered in advance.

If you have not registered yet for any previous video conference of ministers of Trade, please do it now through this link, so that you can receive further instructions about the connection and ask questions remotely if you wish.

Deadline for registration: Monday , 9 November 2020, 13:00.

Further instructions will be sent to all registered participants approximately half an hour after the deadline.

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