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Source: United Nations (Video News)

Remarks by Amina Mohammed (United Nations Deputy Secretary-General) on Contemporary Drivers of Conflict and Insecurity.

Addressing a Security Council debate on the contemporary drivers of conflict and insecurity, Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed today (3 Nov) said, “the COVID-19 pandemic has driven home that in today’s world there is no such thing as a distant crisis.”

The pandemic, Mohammed said, “continues to exacerbate the risks and drivers of conflict,” adding that “grievances and inequalities are deepening, eroding trust in authorities and institutions of all kinds, and thus increasing vulnerabilities.”

The UN official said, “climate emergency is a major driver of inequality, insecurity and conflict,” including “large-scale displacement of people, competition over resources, and extreme weather events like droughts and floods that destroy homes, livelihoods and communities. In some cases, the climate crisis threatens the very existence of many nations.”

Mohammed told the Council that “member states and development banks should invest in early warning systems and resilience measures, particularly in states affected by conflict.” Countries at greatest risk, she said, “should now be able to use new technologies and remote sensing to help them with forecasting and prevention.”

In his address to the Council, the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph E. Gonsalves, said, “we must take bold steps to alleviate human suffering, especially in conflict affected areas. We cannot cross a chasm with baby steps, otherwise we will fall into the widening gorge beneath us.”

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines holds the presidency of the Council for the month of November.

The aim of today’s open debate was for members of the Council to exchange views on the security implications of contemporary drivers of conflict and insecurity, such as pandemics and environmental challenges, including climate change, and the role of the Council in fostering an integrated and coherent “whole-of-system” approach to address these multifaceted challenges.