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Source: United Kingdom – Ministry of Defence


Information regarding fixed penalty notices issued relating to coronavirus in 2020
Ref: 2020/06716 PDF, 89KB, 2 pages

Information regarding the ethnic breakdown of the MDP from 2015 to 2020
Ref: 2020/06798 PDF, 98.5KB, 2 pages

Information regarding the number of recorded sexual offences between March and June 2020
Ref: 2020/06882 PDF, 103KB, 2 pages

Information regarding recorded complaints of discriminatory behaviour received in the MOD between May to June 2020
Ref: 2020/06884 PDF, 88.4KB, 2 pages

Information regarding the number and breakdown of currently serving officers in the MDP
Ref: 2020/06717 PDF, 94.4KB, 2 pages

Information regarding the recruitment process for the Army run by Capita since 2012
Ref: 2020/03250/04/02 PDF, 122KB, 3 pages

Information regarding school visits undertaken by the British Army providing STEM activities
Ref: 2020/08925/U/R PDF, 105KB, 2 pages

Information regarding blood tests for junior soldiers
Ref: 2020/09850/R/U PDF, 35KB, 3 pages

Information regarding monthly traffic figures and yearly recruitment figures from 2017 to 2020
Ref: 2020/10112/R/U PDF, 148KB, 3 pages

Information regarding the process of Medical Officers on the Army Medical Services Bursary Scheme wanting to leave the army
Ref: 2020/11247/R/U PDF, 106KB, 2 pages

Information regarding the forces current corporate telephony, command and control systems and other questions
Ref: 2020/05825 PDF, 122KB, 7 pages

Information regarding the number of fines individual police forces have issued for breaches of the government’s publish health regulations to the NPCC
Ref: 2020/05532 PDF, 92.1KB, 2 pages

Information regarding monthly hate crime statistics committed in England and in London categorised by race of the victim from the year 2004 to 2020
Ref: 2020/05746 PDF, 98.5KB, 3 pages

Information regarding the number of crime reports of revenge porn, image based sexual abuse or intimate image abuse have been made since 23 March 2020
Ref: 2020/05673 PDF, 166KB, 4 pages

Information regarding how many times a conducted energy device was deployed against children aged 0 to 17 between 2018 to 2020 categorised by race, gender and age bracket
Ref: 2020/05745 PDF, 102KB, 3 pages

Information regarding the number of times police have used Stop and Search measures since the UK lockdown was introduced on 23 March 2020
Ref: 2020/06198 PDF, 92KB, 2 pages

Information regarding what software is used for managing and tracking staff vetting
Ref: 2020/06196 PDF, 92.6KB, 2 pages

Information regarding the total number of police officers with approved business interests as of 6 April 2020
Ref: 2020/05873 PDF, 266KB, 13 pages

Information regarding the number of occasions in which a conducted energy device was used in an incident by police staff between 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020
Ref: 2020/06101 PDF, 91.7KB, 2 pages

Information regarding count on all complaints raised by female, transgender female and male and transmale MOD police officers between 1 January 2010 and 1 January 2020
Ref: 2020/06140 PDF, 90.7KB, 2 pages


Ministry of Defence (MOD) Freedom of Information (FOI) responses released during the week commencing 2 November 2020.

Published 6 November 2020

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