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Communiqué from the Council of State

State of Vaud

Posted on November 6, 2020

Since January 1, 2020, sexist advertising has been prohibited in the public domain of Vaud. Compliance with this ban rests primarily on self-regulation and the responsibility of billboard companies. In case of doubt concerning an advertisement, an advisory committee can be approached to obtain a notice. The Council of State clarified the composition and functioning of this commission and appointed its members, five in number, three women and two men.

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In June 2019, the Grand Council adopted an amendment to the law on advertising procedures (LPR) aimed at prohibiting all forms of sexist advertising in the public domain and the private domain visible in the public domain. In case of doubt, an advisory commission appointed by the Council of State may be called upon to obtain advance notice. This provision entered into force on January 1, 2020.

Last spring, the Council of State adopted an amendment to the implementing regulations for the LPR which specifies the composition of the advisory commission on sexism, its functioning and the method of disseminating its notices. Composed of five people, this commission can be called upon by the cantonal administration, municipalities, billboards or the general public. Its notices are sent to the entity that entered it. They are also published in the Official Notice Sheet and on the web page Please note that the committee issues non-binding opinions. Indeed, the decision to ban advertising rests with the authorities who own the poster space – usually the municipalities.

At its last meeting, the Council of State appointed the members of the advisory commission on gender issues. It brings together Maribel Rodriguez, head of the Office for Equality between Women and Men, Florence Burdet Kamerzin, lawyer at the Directorate-General for Mobility and Roads (DGMR), Marianna Di Rocco, Director of Clearchannel for French-speaking Switzerland, Gianni Haver, associate professor in social sciences at the University of Lausanne and Laurent Tribolet, head of the Maintenance division at the DGMR.

Article 5b of the law specifies the notion of sexist advertising: “Any advertising process in which: men or women are decked out with gender stereotypes calling into question equality between the sexes is considered sexist; is depicted a form of submission or enslavement or is suggested that acts of violence or domination are tolerable; children or adolescents are not respected by an additional restraint due to their age; there is no natural link between the way the person is represented and the product being touted; the person serves as an ague, in a purely decorative representation; sexuality is treated in a degrading manner. “

State of Vaud Information and Communication Office


DIRH, Maribel Rodriguez, President of the CCLVD and Head of the BEFH, Bureau for Equality between Women and Men (BEFH),021 316 59 88


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