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Mister President! Dear Colleagues! The best chance of avoiding the president’s admonition is when you have the mask on your nose the whole time like the students in school – in solidarity with the students in Germany.

I want to speak to the point. We have to discuss the extension of the anti-IS mandate with the support of the Iraqi government in building up stable own security structures. That is a mandate that this time is to be given for 15 months. It is also wise that we do not have to vote on mandates again in the German Bundestag in the middle of the Bundestag election or immediately after the Bundestag election. The mandate is to run until January 31, 2022, i.e. 15 months from November 1.

During the corona crisis, we unfortunately had to observe that the conflicts did not cool down, but that, on the contrary, terrorists in particular, or even heads of state and government who are up to evil, took the opportunity, in the corona time, when they did one or the other institution may be a bit paralyzed to act. We just talked about one of these newly erupted and escalated conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh at the Current Hour. I have the impression, even after talks with the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, that the number of people who are at risk of terrorism and displacement as a result of civil wars or circumstances similar to civil war has tended to increase in recent months under Corona . That is, of course, a worrying development.

It is therefore very important that we continue to work alongside the Iraqi government. As a coalition, we did not make it easy for ourselves with this mandate. The discussion led us to what we are doing today. I think there are some very positive developments. So in the future, as it was the wish of the CDU / CSU from the beginning

(Laughter from Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann [FDP] – Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann [FDP]: That’s cool that you say that!)

do more together with NATO in the area of ​​the anti-IS and Iraq support mandate, within the framework of the NATO Iraq mission. That has actually happened now. We have withdrawn this reservation, which was originally made in the first mandate.

As the Federal Republic of Germany, we will continue to contribute other important core capabilities to the nations involved in the operation, such as aerial refueling. Many thousands of in-flight refueling operations by German A400M aircraft apparently went completely smoothly; because we have not read anything that there were any major difficulties. We have also made an important technical contribution to improving air surveillance in Iraq.

Regarding the observation of the terrorist forces from the air through photos, which our tornadoes used to take, we have agreed that this will be taken over by other nations in the future. I could have imagined that, particularly during the corona crisis, Germany would also declare that it would continue to take on this role so that our Eurofighters show that they can deliver this capability in use within a NATO operation. But that’s not the case, and we accept it that way.

It’s an important one, a strong one. The number of soldiers deployed will be reduced from 700 to 500. These are the soldiers we have used to operate the tornado reconnaissance aircraft. But I do not think that the effort is losing momentum with regard to what we are doing for the Iraqi government.

The international legal situation is also clear to my group. We had the new Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi here in Berlin. A few months ago he also expressed a letter to the NATO Secretary General that support in Iraq is expressly desired. So there is a formal invitation from the government responsible to fight IS terrorism. In my opinion, this means that the basis of international law is fully in place.

I believe that the German soldiers on the ground in Iraq – many of them in the north with our Kurdish friends, whom we have been able to support very well in the past – with air surveillance, with refueling from Jordan, of course Doing a good job in the AWACS aircraft – that is also part of the mission – and I hope that they will return from the mission accident-free and safe. In this sense, the CDU / CSU parliamentary group will agree to the operation.

Thank you very much.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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