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Read the article on what books by contemporary Russian and foreign writers are recommended to be read by librarians.

On weekends, employees of Moscow libraries tell readers about books that are worth reading and discussing with children – the youngest, older children, and teenagers. The head of the library № 45 Alina Nazmutdinova recommends the kind fairy tales of Rob Scott, informative books by Alexey Lisachenko and Anna Gerasimenko, as well as the action-packed novel by Kirsten Fuchs.


“Kitten Shmyak” by Rob Scott

The main character, kitten Shmyak, is the same as all children. For example, he is afraid of monsters under the bed, doctors, the first day at school. To make it not so scary, the cat takes his mouse pet with him everywhere. And this is just one of the many stories about Shmyak.

A series of books that is perfect for the youngest readers was created by the British illustrator Rob Scott. Each book is beautifully designed, it contains many pictures, and the text is simple and clear. The series has been translated into many languages ​​of the world and is also popular in our country. Hope Shmyak gets to your bookshelf too, you won’t regret it!

“Inspirational stories” by Alexey Lisachenko and Anna Gerasimenko

This is another series for the little ones. Each work tells about the life path of famous people and even some animals that have gone down in history. The children will get acquainted with the ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the world’s first woman – professor of mathematics Sofia Kovalevskaya, chemist Dmitry Mendeleev and the dogs Belka and Strelka who made a space flight.

I believe that these are the books that you need to read in early childhood in order to get the right landmarks in life.

Older guys

“Pirates of the Ice Sea” by Frida Nilsson

Do not be intimidated by the impressive volume of the book (448 pages) – and although your child is waiting for a serious and intelligent text, he will not even notice how he reads it. This is a story about the need to always go towards the goal, not give up, be honest with yourself, love life. These ideas are presented easily and naturally, without moralizing and tediousness.

The main character, a ten-year-old girl Siri, lives on an island with the mysterious name Blue Eye. From early childhood, she heard stories about pirates kidnapping children. When Siri’s little sister disappears, the girl goes in search, confident that this is the work of the villains.

Frida Nilsson is a renowned Swedish writer, laureate of numerous literary awards, including the Astrid Lindgren Prize.

“Svetlik Tuchkin and the bubble of desires” by Victoria Lederman

I would also like to recommend a good book about a schoolboy with a funny name Svetlik Tuchkin. It was written by Victoria Lederman, one of the most popular children’s writers. Svetlik studies in the first grade, and he does not like studying at all – he wants to have less worries and lessons in his life.

One day the boy gets on a soap bubble show, where you can make any wish. And the show is hosted by a real fairy who really does everything that children want. However, not everything is so simple: magic turns Svetlik’s life into a real nightmare, and now he is no longer happy that everything is starting to come true. Now the main thing for him is to get everything back. This is a very interesting and instructive story: you need to value and cherish what you have, and rejoice every new day.


“A Pack of Girls” by Kirsten Fuchs

A Pack of Girls is a story about choice and freedom that every teenager strives for. 15-year-old Charlotte, by decision of her parents, is sent to the Wild Girls summer camp. A timid girl does not like this idea at all, and she does not manage to find a common language with her peers in the camp right away.

It was supposed to be a great trip: the girls were promised to be taught how to survive in the wild, make a fire and cope with other difficulties. But from the very first day, they suspected that something was wrong, because the leader began to behave too strangely. I will not reveal the whole intrigue, I will just say that the girls decided to run away and live the remaining time in an abandoned adit.

This novel was written by a famous German writer, winner of the prestigious Open Mike literary competition. Despite the fact that the book is quite thick, young readers usually swallow it in two to three days.

“In Search of the Boyish God” by Dmitry Ischenko

The book by Dmitry Ishchenko – journalist, screenwriter, winner of literary competitions – tells about the summer of a teenage boy. And also how important it is not to lose touch with yourself.

Vanya finds himself in a terrible situation for any modern teenager: for the whole summer he leaves for the Kola Peninsula, in the small village of Tsypnavolok, where there is no Internet, no telephone, or friends. It seemed that the time spent in the Barents Sea did not bode well, but he did not dare to argue with his father.

Readers are waiting for 160 pages of unhurried memories of the hero about what life in the village is full of, what he met on his way. And the boyish god declared in the title is not some mythical creature at all, but a passion, a desire to make discoveries (this is what another hero of the book, radio operator Boris, told Vanya). Vanya, communicating with people who are so different from him in lifestyle, is looking for answers to his questions, trying to understand himself. I think readers will also think about a lot.

More great books, verified by readers of children’s libraries and their staff, – in the rubric Librarian Tips.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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