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Source: Hong Kong Information Services

Chief Executive Carrie Lam said today that she hopes the United States will return to normalcy and accept that good relationships are built on mutual respect and co-operation.

She made the statement when responding to reporters’ questions in Beijing about the US presidential election.

She said: “The United States has had a very strong and solid relationship with Hong Kong over the years. We have a large number of US companies in Hong Kong. We have over 80,000 American citizens living and working in Hong Kong.

“That’s why we would love to have that very solid and mutually respected relationship continued, irrespective of (any) administration. I don’t want to get myself involved into American politics.

“So, to whatever administration in the United States of the day, I would like to make the appeal that every country, every government should respect the jurisdiction of another country and another territory.”

She emphasised that the US should refrain from meddling with China and Hong Kong’s internal affairs.

“For the past year or so, the American administration and officials have been repeatedly interfering with the internal affairs of the People’s Republic of China and the internal affairs of Hong Kong – that is totally unreasonable and cannot be justified in an international relationship.

“And worse still, they have chosen to unilaterally suspend some bilateral agreements. They have unreasonably imposed sanctions on government officials including myself.

“So I hope that they will come back to normalcy and accept that the relationship has to be built on mutual respect and co-operation.”

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