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MIL OSI Translation. Government of the Republic of France statements from French to English –

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to be here with the ministers to also mark our determination to continue to act on all fronts in the fight against terrorism.

You know, our country has been hit recently by several Islamist terrorist attacks. For the past 3 years, we have carried out determined action on this subject which has made it possible to thwart 32 projects of attacks on our soil, which has also made it possible to intensify the fight against terrorist networks and which has enabled in actions, thanks to the mobilization of all the ministries and the coordination of the Ministry of the Interior, to have such increased action against all these networks, these extremist cells which work on our soil in connection with or in proximity to terrorists and this radical Islamism. We decided to intensify this work and I presented the strategy at the beginning of October at Les Mureaux with the desire to go further, both in concrete short-term action and also through a bill which will be presented to the Council of Ministers on December 9th.

But we know that among these actions, there is also the fight against networks organized at the international level and that to fight effectively against this Islamist terrorism, it is also to fight against the networks of traffickers who have links with these terrorists, who sometimes they are terrorists themselves, who use drug trafficking and human trafficking to reinforce their actions and sometimes to act directly.

Moreover, this is why France, from 2015, and the attacks we suffered, obtained from the European Commission, within the framework of the Schengen agreements, to strengthen our internal border controls at Schengen. We have decided, precisely in view of the evolution of the threat, of the decisions taken last week with regard to vigipirate, to very strongly intensify our border control within the Schengen area.

We have therefore decided to double the forces that will be deployed at the borders as part of this control. This means that we will go from 2,400 to 4,800 police officers, gendarmes, soldiers who will be mobilized within this framework and CRS to fight against illegal immigration. This doubling of our forces will contribute very directly, in particular to strengthening our action here on the Spanish border, since 4 mobile units are being deployed. We have seen the first ones here – and Mr. Mayor, you will see your daily life change, because it is an action that we must deeply step up. This is done on the one hand in very good coordination with, in particular, our Italian and Spanish friends – and we have seen it here also through joint brigades and coordinated actions -, and with other State services – I here also want to salute the role and commitment of customs. And we will see it in a moment precisely within the coordination cell, because it is this work of all the internal security forces, the military and the customs officers which makes it possible to fight effectively against all this trafficking. We make this choice in conscience given the intensification of the threat. This is why I decided to double our forces at the borders.

We will supplement this action by taking initiatives to improve control at Europe’s external borders. As you know, for several years now we have had a common space called Schengen. I am in favor – and in this sense I will make the first proposals to the Council in December – that we overhaul Schengen in order to rethink its organization, to intensify our common border protection with a real security police at the external borders of space, by also strengthening the integration of our rules and by also succeeding in building a joint operation of our ministers in charge of the Interior and Security so that Europe operates in a much more integrated manner on this subject . This is the second element of response to the evolving risk that we are seeing and it is what will allow us to be much more effective in protecting our common borders.

This is what I wanted to bring to your attention. I think that these decisions are first of all in line with what we have been doing for 3 years, but also in taking into account the evolution of the threat. The attacks that France experienced, that Austria experienced a few days ago in Vienna, show us that the terrorist risk is everywhere, that networks are globalized, that terrorists are now organizing themselves on a global basis. through networks on the one hand, the Internet and social networks, but also by sending agents across borders.

This requires Europe to step up its response. France is doing it in terms of its borders, by doubling the forces present. Europe must now do it; this is the initiative that we will take for the December Council with the will to succeed under the French presidency.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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