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Dear Madam President! Dear Colleagues! Ladies and gentlemen! Today we are discussing the final report of the Committee of Inquiry into Advisory Contracts, a memorable committee of inquiry. At the same time we have to deal with an application by the AfD for the withdrawal of an order that was awarded years ago, and that too is memorable; because it is a small-scale view of the AfD that does not do justice to the requirements of security policy and the work of the Defense Committee.

Rather, we should deal with the following questions: How can we improve the operational situation, the operational equipment of the Bundeswehr, and design the procurement measures so that the equipment is faster with the troops? How can we position ourselves within NATO capabilities, improve national and alliance defense and also pay? These are issues that we have to deal with.

But we don’t have to chase a phantom, as the opposition did for a year. The left stands with the FDP and the Greens with the AfD; there are completely new constellations that have formed in the opposition. But it doesn’t matter. When you are in the opposition, responsibility is not required. That is a privilege of the opposition.

(Dr. Tobias Lindner [BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN]: That is even below your level! – Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann [FDP]: Come on! – Dr. Florian Toncar [FDP]: A shameful one Understanding of democracy! Such opinions do not belong in a parliament; we are actually trying to teach students that!)

Parliamentary law demands that we also deal with such matters in a committee of inquiry. It is a good thing that the result is not simply put aside, but is discussed here in the plenary of the German Bundestag. But the effort of a committee of inquiry must also be measured by the result.

(Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann [FDP]: You don’t know that beforehand!)

One good thing that this committee of inquiry has made is that our approach has worked. We said that we would set up the Defense Committee as a committee of inquiry under Article 45a, Paragraph 2 of the Basic Law and form a subcommittee. This procedure has proven itself for the first time in the history of parliamentarism.

But the effort, ladies and gentlemen, was enormous: 17 public meetings, 41 witnesses were heard, and 4,700 files were worked through. This is – just to understand – 400 meters of shelf.

We agree that violations of public procurement law must be punished and that the executive may only move within the framework set by parliament and the law. It is good and it is right that we look carefully. But the findings in this final report are not particularly new either.

Yes, as we have found out, the awards were wrong to this extent and were also not in order under public procurement law – not even if they were motivated to improve the Bundeswehr’s operational equipment. No, it cannot be, and it cannot be repeated.

Consultants are still important, but their use must be limited in time and to an appropriate extent. That is the second insight: advice as much as necessary, but as little as possible, and acquaintances must of course not play a role. We need external advice in order to gain new knowledge, including in international law.

I can hear you shouting, Mrs Strack-Zimmermann.

(Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann [FDP]: Yes, here!)

It was known beforehand that there were failures there. You could use this committee well for your mayoral campaign; but somehow the shot went completely wrong.

(Shouts from the FDP)

Because the guidelines had already been issued, the central allocation was set up by the ministry.

We should now draw the knowledge that many good ideas have become perceptible that the ministry had so far, many innovations. We can only say thanks to all the staff in the political groups and also in the committee of inquiry for their work.

A lot of noise about nothing.

(Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann [FDP]: Disrespectful!)

We reject the AfD’s application, ladies and gentlemen.

Many thanks.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU – Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann [FDP]: During the election campaign I would have said “flail” to you; but we are here in the House! – Countdown by Deputy Matthias W. Birkwald [ DIE LINKE]: Skillful formulation, Madam! – Applause from MPs of ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS)


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