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Mister President! Dear Colleagues! Today is a really good day for the families in our country, for all parents and for those who want to become one; because we at OZG are talking about nothing less than a project of the century.

Many of us are also mothers or fathers, and we know that right after the birth of our children we want to think about a lot, maybe even have discussions, about names or the like. But what you definitely don’t want to do is fill out countless paper applications. Today we are getting a lot closer to this desire to have more time, especially in the first, the most important phase. With the present draft law, parents can in future determine the name of their child at the registry office, but also apply for parental allowance and child allowance. Applying for child benefit is finally as easy as online banking or online shopping.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)

We often talk about cutting red tape, and we often talk about faster procedures. Often, however, that doesn’t really work, and the procedures tend to become much more complicated. But today it gets much easier. Today we decide nothing less than a really, really big, life relief. That is exactly what digitization has to do: to make life easier for every single citizen.

The bill is therefore a wonderful example of simplification through digitization in a unique phase of life. That is why I am very happy – and I am also addressing you, dear colleague Giffey – that we are starting the family benefits because it is really very realistic. The OZG is not just about digitizing 575 administrative services or administrative bundles.

We look closely at who it actually affects There are certainly also digital applications that you don’t need that often, for example the application for the construction of a sea port or an application that we will hopefully never need again in our country, namely the application for the construction of a new nuclear power plant. However, many citizens need the application for child benefit and the application for parental benefit.

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– The Greens could also have clapped.

A very crucial element is the regulation of the electronic data exchange. For us, it was important that the authorities can call up the necessary data among themselves so that the evidence no longer has to be submitted themselves.

With all the joy today, there is still a lot of work ahead of us, because of course we want to do the administration for the people as a whole, and it should not be the other way around: that the people have to be there for the administration. This means that we will continue to remove obstacles to digitization in the next few years. Recognized procedural principles must be scrutinized, and the image that many have of the administration in their heads will urgently need to change, so that administration is no longer seen as that which is perhaps sometimes the very first thing to look at, but as administration simply become proactive service points.

That is why today is not the end point for us, but the beginning: the beginning of something new for us as legislators as well. In this respect, I can say, also as a former family policy spokeswoman for my group: this is a very, very good start. There will be many more steps to follow this year, but especially in 2021. I am firmly convinced that we will achieve our goal of having all administrative services digitized by the end of 2022.

Many thanks to everyone, especially to the colleagues from the two government factions, including in the Family Committee, who, together with the domestic politicians, have pushed the whole thing forward. It’s great that we can start with ELFE, with “Simply Services for Parents”. Many thanks also to you, dear Ms. Giffey, for the excellent cooperation within the government.

Thank you very much.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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