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Source: Agenzia Fides – MIL OSI

Headline: ASIA/PHILIPPINES – The Servants of the Poor: restoring dignity to the destitute who “hide out of shame”

Manila – “In San Pedro, where our house was built, there was a mountain of garbage, but around the landfill there were the houses where the poor who work with garbage live. They are the ‘scavengers’, the diggers. They are all people who work with garbage: men, women and children who rummage through the waste to find materials to resell in order to survive. The living conditions in this area are very bad: malnourished children, appalling hygienic conditions. This is where our mission was born”: this is what Fr. Ronald Diaz Ignacio, of the Missionary “Servants of the Poor”, also known as “Morsel of the Poor”, a male religious institute whose members are popularly called Cusmanians, after their founder, Blessed Giacomo Cusmano Italian priest.

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