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Source: US Congressional Budget Office

H.R. 2589 would direct the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to manage and provide guidance for the use of intelligence throughout the department. DHS is currently carrying out activities similar to those required by the act. Any new activities required under the legislation would not require substantial action by the department. The act also would require the Government Accountability Office to report on how the intelligence policies and standards are implemented throughout the department. In total, CBO estimates that over the 2021-2025 period implementing H.R. 2589 would cost less than $500,000; any spending would be subject to the availability of appropriated funds.

On May 22, 2019, CBO transmitted a cost estimate for H.R. 2589, the Unifying DHS Intelligence Enterprise Act, as ordered reported by the House Committee on Homeland Security on May 15, 2019. The two versions of the legislation are similar, and CBO’s estimates of their budgetary effects are the same.