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Source: CDU CSU

Mister President! Ladies and gentlemen! Dear Mr Springer, you would like a factual debate. Your contribution was certainly the smallest contribution to objectivity in this debate.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU as well as from members of the SPD, the LEFT and the BÜNDNISSES 90 / DIE GRÜNEN – René Springer [AfD]: Why?)

You have to find out in advance.

Your application also mentions the Western Balkans Regulation and the Skilled Workers Immigration Act, whereby you confuse everything there; They don’t separate things carefully.

Without prejudice to what I have prepared, I would like to make a very fundamental remark: If we take a picture of the situation in our economy and our labor market as a whole, then we see that we would not be without foreign skilled workers, without foreign workers would get along more. We would not have been able to achieve the economic success of the last few years and decades at all if we had not recruited external resources and if people from other countries had not been willing to work here in Germany and contribute to our prosperity.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU, the SPD, the FDP, the LEFT and the BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN)

I think that should really be noted for the sake of fairness and balance.

If you look at individual industries, you can see that 35 percent of the workforce in the cleaning sector comes from abroad; This does not include all those who have been here for many years and who have long been German citizens. The figure is 32 percent in food production and processing, 28 percent in tourism, and in the hotel and restaurant industry, and every fourth employee in construction. That means, to put it clearly, we wouldn’t get anything on the record here without immigration from abroad.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU, the SPD, the FDP and the BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN – Filiz Polat [BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN]: Hear! Hear!)

Now we are not doing it in the way you described it and also written in your application. They claim there is no more priority check and they write all this nonsense. You really don’t know your way around and you have nothing to add to the matter.

(Michael Grosse-Brömer [CDU / CSU]: Facts are not so! – Shout from the AfD: Very factual!)

The priority check continues to apply to the Western Balkans regulation. That means we always check whether we have domestic workers, Germans or EU foreigners, who can do the job. Only if this is not the case can immigration from abroad take place.

(Michael Grosse-Brömer [CDU / CSU]: So, now Mr. Springer has learned something!)

As far as the Skilled Workers Immigration Act is concerned, the premises are first of all on the qualification of domestic workers, Germans, but also EU foreigners and also the refugees who have come to us, who we have taken in here. We also want to qualify them first and bring them into the labor market. There have been considerable and good successes. You have to establish that too.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and the SPD – shout from the AfD: We have just heard the numbers!)

Without prejudice to this, let me tell you that we have seen huge declines in terms of EU immigration. That means that in the future we will no longer be able to cope with immigration from EU countries alone. We will no longer be able to fill our jobs. There we have a decrease of 29 percent compared to the first half of 2020 with the first half of 2019. We have a demographic development in which we can foresee that in 2030 we will have at least 10 percent fewer workers here in Germany will. That means that we will continue to face the task of acquiring skilled workers from abroad.

That is why we made the Skilled Workers Immigration Act. That has also met with some criticism, we would be a bit too narrow-minded at one point or another. I’ll tell you, I think we got it right. Because we have set the qualification requirements very high in certain areas, such as a six-month visa in order to accept a training position. That is also correct because this is general recruitment. In other areas, such as IT staff, special IT staff, we approached it very pragmatically and said: We don’t even require an educational qualification, we only require professional experience, three years of relevant professional experience and a minimum salary. – If these conditions are met, someone can immigrate to Germany as an IT specialist. It is exactly right that we differentiated the conditions so neatly and carefully.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)

The number of vacancies – you will also see this in your application – has decreased – that is correct – but it is still comparatively high. We still need 40,000 people in the medical and health professions. We have 35,000 vacancies in mechatronics, energy, and electronics, and we have 15,000 vacancies in computer science and IT professions. So we still have needs and we will keep doing it wisely.

We are also always able to readjust cleanly and finely with the skilled worker immigration law; because we also have the option of restarting the priority check at any time. This is possible through the authorization to issue ordinances. We can do this very precisely: for certain professional groups and even for certain regions in Germany.

I will tell you in all honesty – and I will take stock of this -: The Skilled Workers Immigration Act must absolutely remain in force. In my opinion, it is very targeted and it is balanced.

One last comment, because this point will certainly also be addressed in this debate: How are things going with visas? We have instructed our visa departments that in future anyone who applies under the Skilled Immigration Act can submit their application to the foreign visa departments within three weeks. If that doesn’t work, please kindly contact the Federal Foreign Office. Unfortunately, it has not been run by the Union for 60 years.

(Shouting from BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN: Is that an application speech?)

The last incumbent we appointed in 1961 was Gerhard Schröder, but the other was Gerhard Schröder; not the one who is now available as an errand boy, but the other.

Thank you very much.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU – Axel Schäfer [Bochum] [SPD]: Unbelievable! Stupid propaganda! Without facts! – Dr. Alexander Gauland [AfD]: Cheek to say something like that! Outrage! – Jan Korte [DIE LINKE] : That had to go, didn’t it? – Axel Schäfer [Bochum] [SPD]: Without Schröder we would have ended up in war!)


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