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Source: CDU CSU

Mister President! Ladies and gentlemen! Indeed, the appreciation for the public service is shown not only in words, which we have now achieved quite well, but also in our deeds. You can just see how the federal states – and the federal states are governed differently – deal with their own civil servants. There are very nice statistics from the German Federation of Trade Unions. The federal government is doing very well with the payment of its officials. There are only two federal states that pay better than the federal government. That is the Free State of Bavaria and that is the Free State of Saxony, two Union-governed states. So: Deeds, ladies and gentlemen, that’s what counts.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)

But money isn’t everything; I want to be very clear. It is important that the employer stands behind his people. The key question is: Does the political leadership of a country strengthen the back of its police officers or does it stab its own police officers in the back? Because the police officers are a very, very important group in the public service that ensures that this state functions. And we are all challenged here.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)

Ladies and gentlemen, over 100 civil servants – police officers – are attacked every day in our country, over 100 every day. That cannot leave us cold. Police hold life and limb for our freedom. I am thinking of various events such as Leipzig-Connewitz and the G-20 summit in Hamburg: almost 700 police officers injured by left-wing extremists. Then the green state chairman from Saxony comes over and says: The violence came from the police. – There were 700 police officers injured. The Hamburg police chief said: These attacks had the quality of a terrorist attack because paving slabs were placed on the roof where the police wanted to be killed.

A very striking example comes from Leipzig – I ask the left to listen now -: A left-wing member of the state parliament is researching how heavily the police stations in Leipzig-Connewitz are manned so that one knows what the police force and armament look like you then know exactly when to raid this police station.

(Dr. Petra Sitte [DIE LINKE]: That is absurd! – Pascal Meiser [DIE LINKE]: What nonsense!)

On New Year’s Eve there were riots by left-wing extremists in Leipzig with a lot of injured police officers, where the brutality was as great as possible: inhuman, covered and supported by your people.

(Applause from members of the CDU / CSU and AfD – Pascal Meiser [DIE LINKE]: What nonsense!)

They then blamed the police for the violence.

(Susanne Ferschl [DIE LINKE]: What are you talking about?)

You have zero respect for the work of the cops, zero respect!

(Susanne Ferschl [DIE LINKE]: That’s just not the truth!)

And then your left-wing friends also come from Leipzig and demand the abolition of the police. That really tops it off. By the way, you can ask your group colleague, who is the chairman of the group in Leipzig City Council. It is then demanded that graffiti with the inscription: No cops be applied at city expense. – No cops.

(Susanne Ferschl [DIE LINKE]: Can you think of anything else on the subject? – Another call from DIE LINKE]: Subject missed!)

That is the background. This is your thinking. You are really kicking the cops with your politics.

(Applause from members of the CDU / CSU and the AfD)

With the debate that you broke out on today, you want to show yourself as a civil service champion. But when the policemen are on the street, you kick them hard in the back and curse them. You support the left-wing extremist violent criminals throughout the Federal Republic. The officials have to know that, and that is why they have zero confidence in you as the Left Party.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and the AfD – Dr. Petra Sitte [DIE LINKE]: But much more about right-wing extremists!)

Unfortunately – that is part of the truth – Leipzig or Hamburg is not an isolated case. Let’s look at the police law in Berlin from red-red-green.

(Beate Müller-Gemmeke [BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN]: What does that have to do with the topic?)

– It’s about appreciation for police officers.

(Dr. Petra Sitte [DIE LINKE]: No, it’s about real wages!)

Let’s take a look at the police law in Berlin: The other interior ministers said: We only send police officers to Berlin when it is clear that the police law does not apply to our police officers because you are expressing distrust of the police officers. You reversed the burden of proof in that the police officer has to prove that he has not discriminated against anyone, for example because of his appearance.

(Dr. Franziska Brantner [BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN]: This is not a reversal! This is a simplification! Stick with the facts! Mr. Krauss, stick with the facts!)

It is not the other person who has to prove that the police officer has committed a crime, but rather the police officer who has to prove that he has not committed a criminal offense. What kind of disrespect is it towards the police officers here in Berlin?

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and the AfD – shout from the AfD: good speech! – shout from the LEFT: Applause from the AfD parliamentary group!)

Ladies and gentlemen, that too is part of the truth and it must be said: When the SPD party leader speaks of latent racism among the police, then unfortunately that is also a problem. I think: One can expect from the big popular parties in particular that we stand behind the police because the police officers hold their heads for us. The vast majority of our police officers are true to the law and stand up for our state, and that is why they deserve our full backing.

(Applause from MP Michael Theurer [FDP] – Susanne Ferschl [DIE LINKE]: Nobody denied that! Have you read the application?)

That not only has something to do with a decent salary, ladies and gentlemen, but it has to do with respect and recognition of the work of the police. There you can learn a lot on the side of the left on how to do this even better.

Thank you for your attention.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU, the AfD and the FDP – Susanne Ferschl [DIE LINKE]: The AfD claps you all the time! Embarrassing! – Stefan Schmidt [ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS]: If the AfD claps, I would that make you think! – Dr. Petra Sitte [DIE LINKE]: “I don’t talk about the topic, but then I’ll let it go!” That’s typical again!)


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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