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Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues, friends,
First of all, I would like to thank all cultural workers for the tremendous spiritual and moral support of the Russian people during these difficult times.
Despite all the difficulties and restrictions that our museums, theatres, cinema and libraries have been dealing with because of the epidemic, you have been working hard and proposing totally new creative formats. With your art and talent, you have been creating an atmosphere of unity in our society, strengthening our confidence in the fact that life goes on and everything will get back to normal, no matter what.
Today we will definitely talk about the problems that the cultural sector is facing. We will discuss both urgent measures of support and strategic and long-term steps for stable development in the future.
Another important issue that requires the attention and involvement of the professional community is the legislative implementation of the new Constitutional norms, related first of all to culture and education.
Council members, cultural workers were among the most proactive participants in the discussion of the Constitutional amendments. I am confident that they will readily join parliament members in their work on respective bills.
Among other things, legal formalisation is necessary for such terms as the state’s responsibility to preserve, support and develop the culture and traditions of the Russian people, help our compatriots living abroad and preserve our common cultural identity.
And of course, one of the essential tasks for the state is to preserve the unique heritage of our country.
Here, I would like the Government, the Ministry of Culture and the regions to particularly note the earlier instruction which requires strict accounting, certification and protection of historical and cultural monuments. This instruction must be performed in full. We need to decide what additional reserves would be required for this.
To be continued.


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