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Source: US National Republican Congressional Committee

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Facing a tight race, Tom O’Halleran and his campaign team have stooped to an all-time low attacking his opponent’s credibility as a mother and her type 1 diabetic daughter.

O’Halleran and his team sent a mailer to thousands of homes in AZ-01 (including Shedd’s son) saying Tiffany Shedd would let insurance companies deny diabetes patients access to health insurance.

This is disgusting. It is false. And Tom O’Halleran should be ashamed.

Tom O’Halleran knows Tiffany Shedd’s daughter almost died because of diabetes. He was sitting with Tiffany on the debate stage when she said it, and she’s mentioned it multiple times in interviews.

There’s only one person in the AZ-01 race who has taken the side of big pharma over Arizonans with diabetes and that’s Tom O’Halleran. O’Halleran’s taken money from pharmaceutical companies that raised the price of life-saving insulin almost 700%.