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Source: United Kingdom – Executive Government & Departments

The United Kingdom supports a rapid settlement of the Airbus and Boeing disputes and believes the circumstances are now ripe to conclude one.

The United Kingdom was pleased that nearly $4 billion in countermeasures has been awarded in relation to the Boeing dispute. The level determined by the arbitrator recognises the adverse effects caused to the United Kingdom and the European Union on this matter.

We hope that this arbitral award and the steps the DSB will take this morning will lead to substantive progress in negotiations for a fair and balanced settlement, in order to finally put an end to these disputes. It is the United Kingdom’s preference to find a negotiated outcome that resolves the disputes, ends countermeasures and re-establishes effective subsidy discipline for the aerospace sector.

The United Kingdom is determined to settle these disputes in a fair and comprehensive manner as soon as possible. For sixteen years the United Kingdom has worked closely with the European Union and the United States to find a long term resolution and will continue to do so.

From January 2021, the United Kingdom will represent itself fully and independently at the WTO and will pursue all avenues to reach a satisfactory outcome.

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