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Source: Hong Kong Government special administrative region

     The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health will commence the territory-wide Population Health Survey (PHS) 2020 in early November to update pertinent information on the patterns of health status, health-related lifestyles and other health parameters of the local population.     The PHS is a cross-sectional survey targeted at the land-based non-institutional population aged 15 or above in Hong Kong, excluding visitors, foreign domestic helpers and Two-way Permit holders from the Mainland. The sample was drawn from the Frame of Quarters maintained by the Census and Statistics Department.     The survey comprises two parts, namely a household interview and a health examination.Household interview————————     The interviewers will visit the selected households to conduct personal interviews with all eligible members aged 15 or above in the households. The respondents will then be invited to complete a self-administered questionnaire.     Apart from household data and socio-demographic characteristics, the questionnaire will cover an array of health dimensions, including physical health, psychosocial health, health-related lifestyle practices and preventive practices.Health examination————————     Selected respondents who have completed the aforesaid questionnaires will be further invited to participate in free-of-charge health examination at designated health examination centres, including physical measurements and biochemical testing.     Their weight, height, hip and waist circumferences, and blood pressure will be recorded. Biochemical testing will be arranged to test for their blood lipid, glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) and fasting blood glucose, haemoglobin, iron status and viral hepatitis, as well as sodium, potassium, creatinine and iodine in their urine.     While laboratory test reports will be returned to the respondents for free, the CHP will contact those with abnormal results to provide advice and remind them to follow up with their doctors as appropriate.     A total of around 16 500 respondents aged 15 or above from about 7 900 domestic households will be targeted for the household interviews. The target sample size of health examinations is about 1 800 respondents aged from 15 to 84 among those who have completed the preceding questionnaire and consented to participate in health examination.     The CHP attaches great importance to data confidentiality. All interviewers will carry an Interviewer Identity Card issued by the CHP and the commissioned contractor for the purpose of identification. Members of the public may call the contractor’s hotline (3900 1194) between 9am and 10pm daily to verify the interviewer’s identity if in doubt. All contractor staff shall ensure that all information pertaining to study subjects is kept strictly confidential.      When conducting interviews, interviewers will adopt appropriate precautionary infection control measures according to the local situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.     The PHS was first conducted in 2003-04, with the last round conducted in 2014-15. The PHS 2020 will continue to adopt a comprehensive approach that contains the elements of previous surveys. The PHS 2020 is part of the Government’s commitment to the Partnership for Healthy Cities, a global network of 70 cities committed to saving lives by preventing non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and injuries.        The public may get more information on the PHS via:* The PHS’ hotline (2426 5208) during office hours;* The PHS’ website (; and* The PHS’ poster and leaflet (see attachments).

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