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Source: United Nations secretary general

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Dear friends from across the Caribbean and around the world, I am delighted to join you for this United Together: Shaping our Future concert celebrating the United Nation’s 75th anniversary.

Today, we consolidate a long and strong partnership between the United Nations and the Caribbean, and the many successes we have achieved together.

Over the last 75 years, you have improved access to quality education and lifelong learning.

You have created greater social inclusion, reduced poverty and improved citizen security.

You have also reduced the incidence of non-communicable diseases and promoted better recovery in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Today, the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us how vulnerable Caribbean countries remain.

The region still faces serious challenges, including the existential threat of climate change and high rates of violence against women and girls.

We must all intensify our efforts to find solutions that will help to build resilient societies and protect the most vulnerable.

To do so, we all have a common agenda.

The Sustainable Development Goals are our blueprint and call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

Only by realizing the SDGs will we be able to achieve the vision of inspiring Caribbean leaders like PM Mottley to make the Caribbean the first climate-resilient region in the world.

Today, as we celebrate with music and great performances, I encourage all of you to join us in this Decade of Action for the SDGs.

We all have a role to play: from Governments and parliaments to regional organizations; from employers, entrepreneurs and artists to community leaders, civil society organizations and academia.

And, most importantly, young people.

The Caribbean has a vibrant youth, and they can lead the way to a better future.

I count on you to join us on the path to 2030.

And you can count on the United Nations to support you however and wherever we can – in your countries, in your region and on the global stage.

Together, we can ensure a world that leaves no one and no country behind.

Thank you.

And now, time to dance!

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