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Source: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – Report:

Presidential Palace, Kabul: The valiant Afghan Defense and Security forces succeeded to kill Abu Muhsin Almisry, a key member of Al-Qaida terrorist network for the India sub-continent during a special operation in Ghazni province.

President Ashraf Ghani commended the Afghan Defense and Security forces and congratulated them for doing a phenomenal job.

President Ghani stressed that the death of a key member of Al-Qaida by our heroic forces proves that terrorism still remains a huge threat to Afghanistan, the region and the world. The existence of key members of Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups shows that still the Taliban did not cut their ties with these groups and continue to lie to the people of Afghanistan and the world.

The president underscored that the Taliban should prove it in action to the people and government of Afghanistan and to the world that it will break its symbiotic relations with all terrorist networks including Al-Qaida, cease war and acts of violence, and prepare the grounds for a sustainable and dignified peace in the country by agreeing to a ceasefire.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is strongly committed to countering terrorism and will not let the country once again become a safe haven of terrorists. Our joint mission with our international allies will continue to root out the scourge of terrorism.

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