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Source: UK Government

The additional quota can only be caught by hook and line and fishers must become members of the Handline Association and then seek authorisation from the MMO to qualify for it.
This additional quota has been made available following a request from industry and subsequent consultation with the quota advisory group for Area 7d.
Vessels must contact Edward Baker at the MMO in order to obtain authorisation for access to this quota
The catch limit for mackerel in Area 7d is currently 2 tonnes for under 10m and 1 tonne for over 10m vessels and this limit is for catches made by any gear type.
The additional opportunity is being provided from quota normally reserved for use by hook and line in Sea Areas VIIe-h.
The Handline Association have requested that any vessel accessing this quota become a member of their association.
Access to this additional quota will only be available until 31 December 2020 and may be removed at any point by the MMO.
Consideration will be given to continuing this authorisation into 2021 depending on quota availability and forecast uptake.
For membership of the Handline Association please contact them via their website: or telephone 01736 364324
For authorisation to access the fishery in Area VIId please contact Edward Baker:, Telephone: 02080269097 or 07884183765

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