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LAW ALDIR BLANCThe deadline for completing the action plans is until 12 noon on Friday (23.10)

By Victor Maciel

Casa de Cultura Ivan Marrocos, in Porto Velho (RO). Credit: Henrique Fotógrafo / MTUROs municipalities that have not yet signed the terms of accession, referring to the Aldir Blanc law, on the + Brasil platform have until 15:00 on Monday (26.10) to do so. Only after signing the document will it be possible to transfer funds directed to the cities that registered their action plans. Since August, the Ministry of Tourism has made available to states and municipalities more than R $ 2.6 billion. In all, 190 cities in the country were left to answer the pending issues in the Federal Government system after the deadline for registration, last Saturday (17.10). The states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo are the ones that most contain municipalities in addition, with 35 and 30, respectively. According to the Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Álvaro Antônio, it is important that managers sign these terms so that the cultural sector of the whole country is contemplated with this important action. “We need to direct well and make sure that this resource reaches the hands of those who are in need at this moment. A living cultural sector means more jobs, income and joy for millions of Brazilians. So, I ask that all managers sign the adhesion terms and benefit their population ”, he highlighted. The deadline for completing the action plans is also close to the end: at 12 noon on Friday (23.10). Municipalities that do not adhere to the document by the date mentioned will not receive the resources provided by law. The Special Secretary for Culture, Mário Frias, highlighted the need for the adequacy of these items for the sector in the country. “We need the effort of these managers, that they complement and sign this term. It is an initiative that needs to be valued by all of us and that will promote this sector so affected by this pandemic ”, he pointed out. According to Decree No. 10,464 / 2020, the States and the Federal District are responsible for emergency assistance. Municipalities and the Federal District are responsible for distributing the subsidy for the maintenance of artistic and cultural spaces, micro and small companies in the sector, cooperatives and community institutions / organizations that were affected by the pandemic. Finally, States, Municipalities and the Federal District may distribute at least 20% of the funds received through calls for tenders, public calls or other instruments applicable to prizes, acquisition of goods and services linked to the cultural sector.NOT REGISTERED – With the deadline for registration of action plans with the Federal Government, one in five municipalities in the country did not request funds from the Aldir Blanc law to assist the cultural sector. Proportionally, the Midwest region recorded the highest percentage of unregistered municipalities, with 42%. The state of Goiás had more than half of the cities outside of emergency income. The North of the country also registered a high rate of absence in the request for the amount, with more than 25%: in Rondônia, of the total of 52 municipalities, 26 showed no interest. Now, funds not earmarked for municipalities will be transferred to state culture funds. Edition: Rafael Brais

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