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Communiqué from the Council of State

Vaud State

Posted on October 23, 2020

COVID-19: extraordinary situation and triggering of the ORCA plan

Through new restrictive measures, the Council of State wants to stop the rapid spread of the virus in order to avoid hospital overload and guarantee patient care. The aim is to target high-risk foci of infection, while preserving economic and social life in the canton. Maintaining the closure of nightclubs and discotheques, ban on public events of more than 1000 people and private events of more than 10 people, extension of the obligation to wear a mask, ban on contact sports at the amateur level, etc. are among the new restrictions. The Council of State reactivates the ORCA plan. The entire system comes into effect on Sunday October 25, 2020 at midnight.

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The surge of the virus imposes new restrictive measures to protect the population and preserve economic and social life. After hearing the Scientific Council, the cantonal doctor and taking stock of the situation at Swiss level, the government believes that strong measures must be applied as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the health and economic impacts will be greater and irreparable. After weighing up interests, the Council of State opted for a median path, by renouncing measures approaching confinement, but by limiting social relations as much as possible in the situations most likely to lead to no -respect of distance and hygiene rules. Above all, it is a question of preserving the capacity for patient care in the face of the significant increase in the number of hospitalizations. Depending on the development of the situation, the Council of State will adapt its package of measures.

New restrictive measures targeting outbreaks of infection

Demonstrations of more than 1,000 people are prohibited. From 15 people, the mask is compulsory and the organizers must have an identification list of the participants. The municipalities define the perimeters and times in which the markets take place and within which the mask is compulsory. They also define areas of high attendance, where the wearing of a mask is required. Events and private parties are prohibited for more than 10 people.

For café restaurants, bars, game rooms or café bars, the mask remains compulsory for room staff and customers; drinks are only served in seats with the obligation of a reliable identification device (digital applications, paper, etc.), approved by the umbrella association. Tables are 1.5 meters apart or separated by watertight walls. For all other closed places accessible to the public (theaters, concert halls, museums, exhibitions, libraries, government counters, cinemas, hotels – for freely accessible areas – places of worship, etc.), there is no no space limitation, but the mask remains compulsory (except if a glazed device or equivalent for the personnel).

For all establishments, hydro-alcoholic solutions must be made available upon entry, including for all businesses. The managers ensure that they are used by customers. All these establishments close at midnight at the latest.

The practice of contact sports (football, hockey, ballroom dancing, basketball, combat sports, etc.) at the amateur level is prohibited.

Reinforcement of measures in schools and universities

From Monday October 26, two measures strengthen the health system in schools. Wearing a mask is compulsory for secondary I students (9 to 11S) within the school perimeter: classrooms, outdoor spaces (playgrounds, playgrounds) and when traveling if social distance cannot be respected. Sports camps (ski camps) and any camp with accommodation, including study trips, are canceled until the end of the 2020-21 school year. On the other hand, activity days or special weeks in or outside schools, but without accommodation, will be organized. In addition, continuity plans are planned for the replacements of teachers. As for universities, courses that take place with large numbers of students will be done entirely remotely from November 2, 2020.

Tracing: new procedure by SMS

The canton of Vaud has continued to increase the staff of its tracing center in recent weeks. However, given the evolution of the pandemic, it is no longer possible to call all those who test positive within a reasonable time. The Department of Health and Social Action has therefore decided to implement a new procedure to notify by SMS people who have a mobile phone. A link provides them with explanations of the procedure to follow. Any positive person, who will no longer be called systematically by tracing investigators, must immediately go into isolation and warn relatives living under the same roof to quarantine themselves. She must also fill out an online form and indicate if she has recently participated in particular events, family celebrations, etc. The goal is to identify, much more quickly than has been possible until now, events that may be sources of contamination.

Teleworking privileged within the cantonal administration

The State of Vaud in its capacity as employer must participate in the collective effort and strengthen the measures already in place for several months. The services will favor or intensify as much as possible the practice of teleworking, when the activities of the specifications allow it.

An organizational mechanism to manage the crisis and pool resources

Noting an extraordinary situation within the meaning of art. 12 of the Law on the Protection of the Population, the Council of State launched the ORCA plan, under the direction of the Cantonal Command Staff (EMCC). The government authorizes the establishment of the Vaud Civil Protection as a whole in emergency situations. To facilitate collaboration with the various regional partners as well as with the municipalities, four regional control staffs have been set up based on the territorial organization of the health districts. The socio-health field and the coordination of its partners remain under the coordination of the Department of Health and Social Action.

Commissioning of two hotlines

From tomorrow and during the weekend from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., two hotlines are available:

General information: 021 338 08 08

Events: 021 644 84 36

A solemn appeal to the population

The government is aware of the restrictions that this device imposes on everyone. However, any strategy to fight the virus, whether federal or cantonal, is essentially based on a sense of responsibility and individual behavior. The Council of State, on behalf of the cantonal authorities, solemnly appeals to the spirit of solidarity of the Vaudoises and Vaudois, so that the measures taken, with the essential understanding and support of the population, can quickly deploy their effects. .

Additional information: Council of State; all members of the government are available in their respective areas of expertise.

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