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The trouble-free and uninterrupted operation of all objects of the city’s collection facilities is ensured by the specialists of Moskollektor JSC. This is round-the-clock duty, daily rounds and visits of repair teams.

Moscow’s collection facilities are one of the largest in the world. There are tens of thousands of kilometers of cables underground. To maintain such a number of wires in working order requires the daily painstaking work of the employees of Moskollektor JSC.

Inside the communication manifold, there are heating systems, power cables, water pipes and communication cables. The length of underground structures and the communications laid in them can be compared with the distance from Moscow to different points of the globe.

Kilometers of pipes and cables

The total length of the city’s collector tunnels is 792 kilometers. Approximately the same distance separates Moscow and Kazan.

There are 1,058 kilometers of heating pipes inside the communication collectors. This length can be compared with the distance to be covered by those planning a trip from Moscow to Samara. Even by car, the journey will take more than 14 hours.

The city has 7496 kilometers of power cables. If you put them in one lane, you practically get the distance from Moscow to New York.

752 kilometers is the length of all water pipes inside the Moscow communication collector. Their length is comparable to the distance from Moscow to St. Petersburg. And the communication cables stretched for 21,074 kilometers. This is just over half the length of the equator.

Scheduled repairs and smooth operation

The specialists of Moskollektor JSC ensure trouble-free and uninterrupted operation of all objects of the city’s collection facilities. This is round-the-clock duty, daily rounds and visits of repair teams.

The enterprise includes an emergency repair department. More than 90 people work here. Emergency crews are always ready to go to the scene of the accident. They eliminate the consequences of the incident. Among the most frequent cases are flooding, fires of electric cables, destruction of collector building structures. The brigades have at their disposal vehicles, special equipment and repair materials.

In addition, Moskollektor JSC carries out scheduled repairs on its own. To carry out these tasks, four special teams of five people each have been allocated. Each team has specialized equipment at its disposal – a mobile power plant and a command vehicle with a manipulator with a lifting capacity of up to 2.5 tons.

The enterprise also has two own production bases. They produce blanks of metal structures for installation in collectors.

24/7 monitoring and modern technologies

The united dispatching service of JSC “Moskollektor” monitors the entire collection facilities around the clock. Underground facilities of the enterprise are equipped with modern equipment for gas-air environment control and fire and security alarms, as well as a ventilation system, automatic pumping stations and dispatch control systems.

The enterprise actively implements modern solutions for infrastructure maintenance. For example, in 2019, a program of technical re-equipment of low-current systems of communication collectors began. The project is planned to be completed by 2025.

The modernization will affect communication collectors with a total length of 108 kilometers, located in the central part of the city and on outbound highways – Leningradsky, Mozhaisky, Volokolamsky, Altufevsky, Mozhaisky and Rublevsky highways, Leninsky, Volgogradsky, Ryazansky avenues. Outdated equipment will be replaced with modern and high-tech equipment.

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