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Source: Government of Sweden

The Budget Bill builds on an agreement between the government parties, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.

A safer and more secure Sweden

Continued investment in the Swedish Police Authority

The additional funding received by the Swedish Police in previous budget bills will secure its continued expansion in 2021. The appropriation in 2021 is fully SEK 1 900 million more than in 2020. Additional funding of SEK 1 650 million is proposed for 2022.

Additional funding to increase operational capacity of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service

The Government proposes increasing the appropriation to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service by SEK 350 million in 2021. Subsequent additional funding of SEK 500 million in 2022 and SEK 750 million from 2023 onwards is proposed. This proposed additional funding will enable the Swedish Prison and Probation Service to continue its ongoing efforts to permanently expand its operational capacity in the long term.

Preventive efforts to combat violent extremism remain a priority

Combating and preventing violent extremism and terrorism is a responsibility for the whole of society. Collaboration between the responsible authorities and support to municipalities and professionals at local level is required to ensure these efforts succeed. On 1 January 2018, the Government set up the Centre for Preventing Violent Extremism at the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention. The Centre has helped ensure a long-term, solid and clear structure for the knowledge and advice provided to local and central government authorities. To ensure these efforts continue with their present scope and are further developed, the Government proposes allocating funds to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

The Government strengthens defector activities

The Government is allocating an additional SEK 5 million to the funds the Swedish Police Authority distributes to different organisations that provide protection and support for defectors. This means the Authority will have a total of SEK 15 million to distribute to defector activities in 2021.

Additional funding to the migration courts

To ensure that the migration courts have sufficient capacity to adjudicate more migration cases, an additional SEK 172 million will be allocated to the appropriation in 2021, while SEK 157 million will be allocated in 2022 and SEK 280 million will be allocated from 2023 onwards.

Investment to reinforce the National Board of Forensic Medicine

The National Board of Forensic Medicine carries out forensic psychiatric assessments, genetic investigations, chemical analysis and medical examinations at the request of a number of actors, both inside and outside the judicial system. The Board will be allocated an additional SEK 40 million from 2021 onwards to meet an increased need for its services.

The judicial system

The Government proposes changing reduced sentences for young adults and increasing control mechanisms and support for those sentenced to probation.

Change to reduced sentences for young adults

The Government is working on proposals to abolish reduced sentences for 18–20-year-olds for crimes with a minimum sentence of one year’s imprisonment. Such crimes will result in more and longer prison sentences. These proposals will lead to higher prisoner numbers and thus higher costs for the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. The Government is therefore allocating an additional SEK 455 million to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service’s appropriation from 2022 onwards, over and above investments already made.

Increased control mechanisms and support for those sentenced to probation

An increased ability to monitor where sentenced people are will become an important tool for the Swedish Prison and Probation Service to prevent relapses into crime. It is proposed that the new regulations enter into force on 1 May 2021. The proposals involve higher costs for the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, so it is proposed that the appropriation be increased by SEK 39 million in 2021 and by SEK 51 million from 2022 onwards, over and above investments already made (see above).

Strengthened resources for the Swedish Security Service

The Government is allocating almost SEK 75 million to the Swedish Security Service in 2021. Of this funding, SEK 15 million will go to further strengthening the technical capacity to prevent and combat the increasingly comprehensive and wider threat, while the remainder will go to strengthening civil defence capability.

Increased appropriations to strengthen the criminal law protection of children who have witnessed crime

In light of the Government’s coming proposal, an increase in appropriations for the Swedish courts and legal counsels, etc. is proposed in the Budget Bill for 2021. The appropriation to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service will also receive a general increase, which will cover costs for certain criminal law reforms.

Long-term investments in civil defence

In the Budget Bill for 2021, the Government proposes long-term investments to strengthen and further step up the rebuilding of civil defence. The security situation in our neighbourhood has deteriorated over time, and total defence capability needs to be enhanced. Civil defence will also help strengthen society’s ability to prevent and manage severe peacetime emergencies.

Comprehensive investments in civil defence are therefore being made, with additional funding of SEK 1 billion in 2021. This reinforcement will increase gradually in the coming years. Combined with the extra funds allocated in 2018, the Government’s proposal means that civil defence will receive an additional SEK 4.2 billion by 2025. This is in line with the assessment of the Defence Commission and is the largest investment in civil defence in modern times.

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