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Source: Agenzia Fides – MIL OSI

Headline: ASIA/KYRGYZSTAN – Political crisis resolved with centralization of powers: people’s expectations have been disappointed

Bishkek – “The protests that followed the parliamentary elections on October 4th in Kyrgyzstan are against the obvious buying of votes, this time more than in the past: in the days leading up to the elections, it was possible to witness how much we have moved towards corruption. In addition, the high 7% threshold of the Kyrgyz electoral system meant that only four of the sixteen parties that applied for elections could get into parliament. These are, of course, the four parties that are close to the elected president. This situation, in a system already in turmoil, caused the protest to explode”, said Davide Cancarini, researcher and expert on Central Asian politics, explaining the reasons behind the Kyrgyz crisis on the first days of October.

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