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Source: Central Bank of the Russian Federation in English

23 October 2020

Everyone will be able to take the test on how to use digital financial products (such as online payments or bank apps) from 24 October to 1 November at RUNET-ID. The results with detailed comments will be available starting 2 November.

The test was prepared by FinCERT — Financial Sector Computer Emergency Response Team of the Bank of Russia. It contains two parts: for schoolchildren of 12 to 17 years of age and for adults.
‘The purpose of the test is to improve cyber literacy of both children and adults. Grown-ups will be able to consider whether they know enough to protect themselves from cyber fraud. Children, on the other hand, will be better prepared to start using financial products. They will also be able to share their knowledge with parents and friends. This will help our people become more competent with regard to personal cybersecurity’, said Artyom Sychev, First Deputy Director of the Bank of Russia Information Security Department.
The event is organised by the Russian State Children’s Library, the Coordination Center for Domains .RU/.РФ, the Bank of Russia, and the Regional Public Centre for Internet Technologies (ROCIT) with the information support of the National Financial Literacy Centre and Russian children’s libraries.
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