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Source: Hong Kong Information Services

Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan urged the public to receive influenza vaccinations early to better protect themselves as Hong Kong enters the winter influenza season.

Prof Chan made the appeal today after receiving the seasonal influenza vaccination at the Kwai Tsing District Health Centre, saying that various government vaccination programmes are providing free or subsidised flu shots for eligible people, and the Government has made special arrangements to meet the demand for more influenza vaccinations.

“We have announced that we will procure an additional 100,000 influenza vaccines for the high-risk groups, for the Vaccination Subsidy Scheme’s doctors because we understand there is a cry for more flu vaccines in the private market.

“Therefore, it is in our best interest for these high-risk groups or priority groups to have the vaccine as soon as possible. That’s why the Government and the Department of Health have made special arrangements.”

Director of Health Dr Constance Chan, who joined Prof Chan to receive the flu vaccine, explained the existing mechanism to ensure vaccine safety.

“As far as vaccine safety is concerned, we have an adverse drug reaction monitoring system. Medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies will report any adverse reaction to the Drug Office of the Department of Health.”

Dr Chan added that when patients receive the vaccination, healthcare providers will ask them about their past histories, including allergies to egg protein and antibiotics, to reduce the risk of receiving vaccines which they may be sensitive to.

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