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■ The COVID-19 Pandemic and Japanese Corporate Activity—The latest situation of corporate bankruptcies in Japan

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected the operations and employment situations of Japanese companies.

The FPCJ invited Mr. Shougo Maruyama of Teikoku Databank, Ltd., to discuss the latest information on corporate bankruptcies and the effects of the coronavirus, based on a report on Japanese bankruptcies from April to September 2020 which was released by Teikoku Databank.

Video report: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Japanese Corporate Activity
(Mr. Shougo Maruyama, Information Reporting Section Manager, Teikoku Databank, Ltd.)
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■ How Will the Japanese Economy Recover from the Pandemic?

With the COVID-19 pandemic having a major impact on the global economy, according to preliminary figures the Japanese GDP for April to June dropped by an annualized 27.8%, its largest decline since World War II. So far, Japan has had a relatively low number of infections and deaths from the pandemic, but Japan’s COVID-19 response will receive renewed attention now that a new cabinet has been formed and is facing the question of how to rebuild the ailing economy while also preventing the spread of infection.

The FPCJ invited Dr. Keiichiro Kobayashi, a member of the Japanese government’s COVID-19 response subcommittee, who frequently comments on topics such as the pandemic response and economic policy, to speak about the situation from the perspective of an economist.

Video report: How Will the Japanese Economy Recover from the Pandemic?
(Dr. Keiichiro Kobayashi, Research Director, The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research)
*English interpretation follows Japanese.

□ Noteworthy Press Releases from Japan

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