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Source: Republic of Brazil 3

Brasília / DF, October 22, 2020 Ladies and gentlemen. Authorities already appointed. Young graduates. In addition to other roles, you are very important to us in maintaining peace, in our economy and in our freedom. Outside, each one of you is a piece of our Brazil. What else we need, is the truth. We cannot be overcome by the false narrative. The world has always been at war, if only in communications. It is not easy to be on the side of the truth, but the truth has brought me here and the truth will liberate our country. And you are an instrument of that. We need more and more, that you show the world that Brazil is doing what is right. That we are reforming our economy, we are cutting expenses, making reforms, fighting corruption, for example our Government, materialized there by the Ministries, state and official banks. Given the criteria for choosing their representatives, we have not, in these almost two years that complete, a single act of corruption. We are simplifying taxes. Our country, Paulo Guedes, the Federal Government, did not increase taxes during the pandemic and will not increase when it also leaves us. We preserve freedom of the press. In no time did the Brazilian press hear from this president, something like social control of the media. Despite everything, we support what you write, show and disseminate, without any retaliation on our part. We are giving freedom to those who produce in Brazil. We respect contracts. Young graduates, we need you to take the truth out there. When talking about our Amazon, we are finalizing a trip, Manaus-Boa Vista, where we will invite diplomats from other countries. To show on that short trip, of 1 hour and a half, that you will not see in our Amazon Forest, nothing burning or even one hectare of devastated jungle. It is not easy to take and speak the truth, but we trust you. We have to fight for what is ours, we cannot give in. In the criterion that I adopted, when choosing technical staff, I honored Itamaraty. We have ahead of it, our Ernesto Araújo. That may have its defects, but its soul is that of a patriot. The pressures he suffers must be taken into account where he comes from, who he comes from and then we understand his role. His speech here was long, but it was from a patriot who makes me admire and very much in his person, to all of you. I want to complement, just say to you young graduates, that we are proud of you. That Brazil trusts you and together we will overcome the challenges that lie ahead to develop our country. Many thanks to all of you.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure is not perfect.

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