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Source: US State of West Virginia

The Governor was joined for the announcement by Charlotte Lane, chairman of the Public Service Commission of West Virginia.

“We thank you, Governor, for making this money available to everyone to help them with their utility bills,” Lane said. “Governor Justice recognizes that there are thousands of West Virginians who are finding themselves having to choose between paying their utility bills, buying food or medicine, or paying for other essentials.

“This $25 million of CARES Act money that has been allocated by the Governor will help qualified West Virginians and it will make a difference in their lives,” Lane continued.

Lane added that over 133,000 residential utility customers across the state who have unpaid utility bills within the specified time frame qualify to receive this financial assistance.

“We recognize that this generous grant program will not alleviate everyone’s delinquency,” Lane said. “But the Public Service Commission has specially trained consumer affairs technicians who are available to assist customers in negotiating payment arrangements with the utility companies.

“The utilities themselves are continuing to work with customers who are behind in their bills and are offering payment plans. We really appreciate that utility companies are working with people and have not terminated customers during this very difficult time,” Lane continued. “My fellow commissioners and I would like to thank Governor Justice for making this money available for people who need help.

“Our goal together is for people to continue to receive service and for our utility companies to remain strong so they can continue to provide service to all West Virginians.”