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MIL OSI Translation. Government of the Republic of France statements from French to English –

Source: Canton of Neuchatel Switzerland

22.10.2020 Federal affairs The Council of State responded to two federal consultation procedures: Amendment of the Unemployment Insurance Ordinance and AC Information Systems Ordinance;
Amendment to the ordinance on measures in the field of unemployment insurance in connection with the coronavirus (Covid-19) (ordinance Covid-19 unemployment insurance). Responses to the federal consultations are available at Cantonal affairs Pre-apprenticeship integration plus program (PAI +) The Council of State adopted a report for the attention of the Grand Council in support of a draft decree granting a commitment credit of 2,691,000 francs, including 351,000 francs payable by the canton, for the implementation of the Pre-apprenticeship integration plus program (PAI +) for the period 2021-2024. This federal PAI program began with a pilot phase in 2018 in which the Canton of Neuchâtel directly participated. It plans to prepare the target audience with a migrant background for vocational training through a year of pre-learning focused on the development of language skills and basic practical skills in a specific professional field. In order to ensure the link with the economic world, the Organizations of the World of Work (OrTra) are the privileged partners of the pilot program. The Federal Council has decided to extend this pilot program and its funding until 2024 and to adapt it by widening the beneficiary population. It will therefore be renamed “Integration pre-apprenticeship plus” (PAI +) from 2021. Promotion of biodiversity along highways Home to great biodiversity, the sparse meadows of the road embankments often concentrate on small areas and are far from each other. In this context, the banks of the communication routes are called upon to play an important role as areas of refuge and corridors of movement. They thus contribute to the survival of many plant and animal species. The Council of State wishes to inform the Grand Council about the implementation, since 2016, of the differentiated management plan for part of these areas, and rational management for the remainder of the green areas concerned. This policy is in line with the biodiversity strategy deployed by the Council of State and the Federal Council. In parallel with the promotion of biodiversity, the State Council maintains its objectives of road safety, infrastructure maintenance and the fight against invasive and unwanted plants. Protection of monuments and sites: provisional subsidy The Council of State has granted a provisional subsidy in the amount of 5,452 francs to Zofingue SA for the restoration work on the main entrance of the Brasserie Le Cardinal located rue du Seyon 9 in Neuchâtel. This mansion built in 1733 – 1737 for Denis de Jeanneret is occupied on the ground floor by the restaurant “Le Cardinal”, operated by the Friborg brewery from 1907 to 1940. It has a remarkable decoration of painted earthenware panels ( imaginary landscapes populated with birds and plants), woodwork and windows with engraved patterns dating from around 1905. The State Council granted naturalization to 72 people and their families. The Council of State granted the attorney’s certificate to: Mrs Sarah Jasmine Aurore El Khalifa, holder of a university master’s degree in law, born February 1, 1990, from France;
Ms. Manon Estelle Freitag, holder of a university master’s degree in law, born April 29, 1991, from La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE);
Ms. Marion Isabelle Claude Pourchet, holder of a university master’s degree in law, born August 25, 1993, from Val-de-Ruz (NE);
Ms. Sandra Marie Rodriguez, holder of a master’s degree in law, born August 5, 1993, from Corminboeuf (FR);
Mr. Michele Barone, holder of a master’s degree in law, born July 8, 1990, from Plagne (BE);
Mr. Lucas Duboux, holder of a university master’s degree in law, born September 3, 1993, from La Chaux (VD);
Mr. Tiziano Giuseppe Sorrenti, holder of a master’s degree in law, born June 13, 1989, from Italy;
Mr. Paul Yerly, holder of a master’s degree in law, born October 16, 1990, from Sâles (FR). BodyRight EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect. MIL Translation OSI