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Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Mikhalkov, I won’t keep you long.
You are really going to have a rather busy day today, but I would still like to extend my greetings to you, even if in this form, online, which has become a modern trend. I just wanted to see you and to wish you a happy birthday. I would also like to wish you good health, which is a traditional kind of birthday greeting but it is especially significant in the current situation. In addition to wishing you good health, I would also like to wish you many more years in your profession.
Mr Mikhalkov, you have many prizes, awards and winner’s badges, including Soviet, Russian and foreign ones. The names of some of them speak volumes, like an international award for your contribution to global culture. You may be aware – the news has been already published in the media – that today I signed Executive Order awarding the title of Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation to you.
Of course, you are an extremely talented person and an outstanding member of Russian and global culture. But there is no doubt that each of your achievements is the result of very hard work. Of course, one must be talented to make a career in your profession, but it is also hard work.
To be continued.


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