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Patients with coronavirus infection will now be able to receive treatment at VDNKh and at the repurposed Moscow car mall.

A reserve hospital for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 was opened in the redesigned Moscow Automobile Trade Center (ATC). At the same time, a coronavirus hospital was opened at VDNKh.

“I would like to thank the Muscovites for the past week. Mask compliance has improved significantly. More order in transport, shopping centers and other public places. About a million Muscovites have switched to remote work. In general, in the metro, passenger traffic decreased by 40 percent compared to the same period last year, – noted

Sergei Sobyaninduring a visit to a temporary hospital at the ATC “Moscow”. – Nevertheless, the situation last week was quite difficult. The number of patients hospitalized daily increased from a thousand people – the average value per day in the previous period – to 1250. We see an increase in the incidence of pneumonia and an increase in the number of people infected. It is obvious that the increase in the incidence of coronavirus continues. Therefore, we have made a decision from today to open two more reserve hospitals – at the ATC “Moscow” and at the “VDNKh” ”.

The Moscow Mayor said that hospitals have all the necessary equipment to treat patients with coronavirus infection. They were assigned to the leading clinics of the city in order to send experienced specialists to them and use the proven treatment technology.

In total, more than 15 thousand beds have been deployed in Moscow to treat patients with coronavirus infection. They are located in city, federal and private medical institutions, as well as in reserve hospitals and roder (temporary prefabricated buildings). As of October 17, 9499 patients are being treated in hospitals. Of these, about 500 people were hospitalized in temporary hospitals opened on the territory of the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center and the Krylatskoye Ice Palace.

Sergei Sobyanin – on the creation of temporary buildings for the aftercare of patients with COVID-19 Hospitals for patients with coronavirus open in Sokolniki and Krylatskoye

288 employees and our own laboratory

The modern dealer center of ATC “Moscow” was redesigned into a coronavirus hospital in May 2020. In three weeks, 1,818 infectious beds and 57 intensive care beds were placed on an area of ​​31.8 thousand square meters.

The hospital has modern medical equipment, including seven ultrasound machines, 67 artificial lung ventilation devices, mobile and computed tomographs of the AIRO system (a mobile device that allows high-precision diagnostics). A laboratory with a capacity of 2500–3000 samples per day has been deployed to study biological material.

Chief physician of the hospital named after S.S. Yudina Olga Papysheva noted that the temporary hospital is not inferior to the capital’s hospitals in terms of equipment.

“We have everything we need to diagnose and treat our patients. We are equipped with everything, we have the most up-to-date computer tomography, mobile X-ray diagnostic machines, ultrasound machines, defibrillators, monitors, artificial lung ventilation devices, both invasive and non-invasive, and comfortable furniture to accommodate patients, “said the head physician.

According to Olga Papysheva, for a successful recovery, patients must be comfortable in a hospital. Therefore, the hospital tried to create all the necessary conditions.

“Despite the fact that this is not an ordinary clinic, we have tried to provide for everything that may be required by our patients, and we will make every effort to ensure that they recover as soon as possible,” she stressed.

The hospital wards have the necessary furniture, there are buttons to call the medical staff, oxygen supply. Each bed has an individual medical gas valve. Showers, toilets and washbasins are at the disposal of patients. The territory has wireless Wi-Fi.

All medical workers have tablets connected to the UMIAS system. By reading the QR code on the patient’s bracelets, doctors get quick access to the electronic medical record and test results. Paperwork in the hospital is excluded, so doctors and nurses can pay maximum attention to patients.

“The hospital is organized as a digital hospital. Here we have the opportunity to contact outpatient centers through the EMIAS and ERIS systems, we see already in the admission department the CT scans that were made by the patient on an outpatient basis. There is no need to re-conduct research, as it was before. We see all the analyzes that were done at the prehospital stage. And the patient does not need to spend a lot of time in the emergency department, ”said Olga Papysheva.

The hospital is divided into “clean” and “dirty” zones with the help of a sanitary inspection – a gateway that prevents the spread of infection. Patients will be admitted through the admission department with examination boxes. After treatment, they will be able to leave the complex through special zones.

The hospital will have 288 employees: 70 doctors, 100 nurses, 73 nurses, and 45 non-medical workers. They were equipped with a wardrobe and changing rooms, showers, bathrooms with washbasins, a dining room and a recreation area. Additional engineering communications – cold and hot water supply pipelines, low-voltage power supply cable – will ensure the uninterrupted operation of the hospital. In addition, ambulance washing and disinfection points were installed on the territory.

The hospital on the territory of the ATC “Moscow” is managed by the city clinical hospital named after S.S. Yudin. This is a large multidisciplinary hospital, whose doctors have accumulated extensive experience in treating patients with coronavirus infection. Since February 29, the institution has received 4.7 thousand people with suspected COVID-19.

The hospital began accepting patients on October 19. For relatives, a call center is open daily from 08:00 to 21:00. You can find out about the health of loved ones by calling the hotline: +7 (495) 870-72-91.

Sergei Sobyanin – on the creation of temporary buildings for the aftercare of patients with COVID-19

1,749 hospital beds and oxygen stations

The coronavirus hospital at VDNKh is also ready to receive the first patients. Pavilion No. 75 was redesigned to treat patients with COVID-19 in April – May 2020.

On the territory of 53 thousand square meters, 1707 infectious beds and 42 intensive care beds were placed. The hospital has modern medical equipment – seven ultrasound machines, 72 ventilators, mobile and intraoperative computed tomographs. To study biological material, a laboratory with a capacity of about four thousand samples per day was deployed here. The wards have furniture, call buttons for medical personnel, oxygen lines, showers, toilets and washbasins.

The oxygen supply will be carried out by two oxygen stations, to which 1707 medical valves and 72 medical consoles are connected. There are also filtration, purification and air conditioning devices. The hospital is divided into “clean” and “dirty” zones by a sanitary inspection – a gateway that prevents the spread of infection. Ambulance washing and disinfection points were installed on the territory.

The hospital will employ 280 people. These include 80 doctors, 140 paramedics, 50 paramedics and 10 non-medical workers.

The hospital at VDNKh is run by City Clinical Hospital No. 24. The doctors of the institution have extensive experience in treating patients with coronavirus. Since April 20, the clinic has admitted about 2.6 thousand patients with suspected COVID-19.

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