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Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon.
Mr Shestakov, as far as I am aware, the fishing industry has been working at a steady pace despite the coronavirus restrictions, and your figures for this year are comparable to last year’s results. I would like you to tell me about this in detail. I would also like to hear about licensing for investment purposes: what is the progress on the construction of fishing vessels? How are you monitoring the situation? And one more subject, which is not simple at all, I know, has to do with research vessels. I am aware of the funding problems in this sector. Let us talk about all this in detail.
Head of Federal Agency for Fishery Ilya Shestakov: Thank you, Mr President.
We have prepared a presentation. Overall, I would like to note that the industry has been working constantly even amid the pandemic, as our fish catch forecasts show. We expect this year’s catch to be comparable to last year’s figure, around 5 million tonnes. The salmon season was not very good this year, but we will compensate for the salmon shortfall with an additional catch of Japanese pilchards, mackerel and Pollock.
Vladimir Putin: By the way, in June this year I instructed the Government, Russian Railways and Rosatom to formulate proposals and take measures to minimise the cost of fish deliveries from the Far East to European Russia.
Ilya Shestakov: Mr President, I would like to report that our working group is dealing with this, and that a carrier ship with a cargo of salmon has set sail from Kamchatka. Unfortunately, it will be the only run, because of the salmon shortfall this year, among other things.
To be continued.


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