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Volunteers deliver food and medicine, take care of animals, and congratulate Muscovites on the holidays.

During the three weeks of work of the Moscow headquarters of the #WeTogether campaign, volunteers completed over 1,300 applications. More than 230 volunteers help Muscovites. Among them are teachers, actors, musicians, journalists, engineers, lawyers, programmers. In their work or school schedule, they find time to help those who have to stay at home now.

Maxim Konev – conductor, actor, volunteer

Maxim Konev combines volunteer work with two professions: a conductor on international routes of passenger trains and an actor on television.

“I am glad to be a participant of the action #We areTogether. What we do is really very useful and important to people, and sometimes it is simply vital. I manage to set up a schedule so that I can get to the applicants who need me and where I need to be at work. The main thing is desire, ”says Maxim.

According to the volunteer, he is ready to do good deeds whenever possible. It usually takes Maxim about three hours to complete the application. The only difficulty for him is that the road between the destinations included in the application can take a lot of time.

“The amount of time it takes to complete an application depends on its complexity. Sometimes it is necessary to go to the hospital for a prescription for drugs, then get them from a pharmacy elsewhere, and only then go to the applicant. Recently, it took 40 minutes to dispense medicines – there were about 50 packs of medicines in two packages for the recipient for two months. The pharmacy customers were already beginning to resent how long the pharmacist had to serve me. But when they saw my badge with the inscription “volunteer”, they calmed down and even began to smile. It’s nice that people know about the action and what we are doing. Happy faces of applicants – grandmothers and grandfathers – make me happy, I want to help even more, ”the volunteer shared.

Aziz Jabarov is a food delivery and good mood supplier

Moscow volunteers also help older people who stay at home in self-isolation to celebrate family holidays. The situational center of the #WeTogether campaign at the Mosvolonter flagship headquarters received more than 10 applications with a note that on the day of delivery the recipients have a holiday – a silver, gold or diamond wedding. In such cases, many volunteers, on their own initiative, bring flowers, sweet gifts or read poetry to the heroes of the day.

Aziz Jabarov, a volunteer of the #WeTogether campaign, fulfilling an application for the delivery of groceries, congratulated the couple on the 50th anniversary of their marriage.

“Applications are always remembered when people have birthdays, anniversaries. I like to congratulate and make their holiday a little more joyful. When I saw the application of the spouses who are celebrating the golden wedding, I immediately volunteered to fulfill it. This is an opportunity to bring not only food, but also a holiday. I got up early in the morning, bought everything I needed and, of course, went to get flowers. I was in a hurry to deliver everything in the morning so that they would have a great mood all day! ” – he shared.

Aziz helps not only Muscovites, but also their pets. Fulfilling one of the applications, the man learned that the grandmother herself takes care of almost a dozen cats. I decided to help and began to buy and bring animal feed on my own. Together with Aziz, his wife also became a volunteer, who periodically helps him fulfill applications.

The Kondrashin family – volunteers and friends

Family volunteering is another type of volunteer activity that has been actively developing since the launch of the #WeVotag campaign in the capital.

Svetlana Kondrashina – “car volunteer”. She often takes delivery addresses that don’t have a metro nearby. Personal transport makes it possible to quickly get to the store and bring everything you need to the customer. Her sons-students, who are also volunteers of the action, help her to fulfill large applications. Together they carry out the delivery, sometimes the weight of products and medicines can exceed 15 kg.

“I saw information about the #WeTogether campaign in the spring, told the children, then we decided to join it with the whole family. At my school 35 years ago, we also organized an action under the same name. At that time, our idol was the musician Konstantin Kinchev, and he has the song “We are Together”, ”Svetlana said.

During the action, Svetlana was able to fulfill not only the requests of a dozen elderly residents of the city, but also made friends with some of them. Tatyana Fedorovna became one of her wards. Svetlana helps a woman on a regular basis and already knows her wishes and characteristics. Due to low blood pressure, Tatyana Fedorovna finds it difficult to strain her vocal cords, she speaks slowly and not always clearly, but Svetlana has learned to understand her.

How to take part in the action #We areTogether

Any caring resident of Moscow aged 18 to 49 can take part in the action. To do this, you need to go to the official website of the action we are together.mosvolonter.rf https: //we are together.mosvolonter.rf, select the “Become a volunteer” section. On the page that opens, it will be possible to apply and become part of the #WeMotto team.

All volunteers of the action undergo initial distance learning, and then face-to-face briefing at the headquarters of the #WeVot Together action on the basis of the Mosvolonter flagship center at 9 Tverskaya Street.

During the briefing, volunteers will be told about the procedure for volunteering, how to protect themselves and others, and avoid mistakes when communicating with applicants. Also, participants will undergo safety training.

Before leaving for the execution of applications, volunteers are measured temperature, given individual badges, masks, gloves and antiseptics.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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