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M. Denisov.

This is due to the renovation work, as well as the football match.

In several districts of the capital, the traffic pattern will be temporarily changed due to repair and construction work, as well as a football match.

So, from October 15 to August 31, 2021, due to the construction of overpasses on the North-Eastern Expressway, traffic restrictions were introduced on the sections of Dmitrovskoye Highway, Verkhnelikhoborskaya Street, and Prospekt Mira. At the traffic junction at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road with Volokolamskoye Highway, work is also being carried out – from October 10, you cannot drive along the side driveway of the inner side of the Moscow Ring Road near the intersection with Volokolamskoye Highway, as well as along the side driveway of the inner side of the Moscow Ring Road near Vasily Petushkova Street, possession 17. The restriction will be valid until November 30.

Due to the laying of engineering networks, traffic was limited on Chobotovskaya Street from house 1 to house 6, as well as in the side driveway of Borovskoye Highway opposite house 31 on Borovskoye Highway. This will be until March 30.

A football match will take place at the CSKA stadium on October 18, therefore, from 17:15 to 20:45, several sections will be completely blocked. These include Berezovaya Roshcha passage (from Khodynsky Boulevard to 4th Khodynsky passage), 3rd Sandy street (from 2nd Sandy street to 25, building 5 on Novopeschanaya street), 2nd Sandy street (even side from Novopeschanaya streets to house 4 on 2nd Peschanaya street), as well as a local passage from house 2 on Khodynsky Boulevard to 20a on Khodynsky Boulevard.

On this day, from 20:45 to 21:45, other sections will also be completely blocked. Restrictions will affect the passage of Berezovaya Roshcha in the direction of 4th Khodynsky passage from 3rd Khodynsky passage to 4th Khodynsky passage, passage of Berezovaya Roscha from 4th Khodynsky passage to Aviakonstruktor Mikoyan street, as well as 3rd Sand street from 2- 1st Peschanaya street to 23, building 5 on Novopeschanaya street.

In addition, restrictions will affect the 4th Khodynsky passage (from the Berezovaya Roscha passage to the Khodynsky boulevard), Khodynsky boulevard (from the 4th Khodynsky passage to the Berezovaya Roscha passage), Aviakonstruktor Mikoyan street (from the 3rd Sandy street to 12 on the street Aircraft designer Mikoyan). They will also restrict traffic on two sections of 3rd Peschanaya Street (from Aviakonstruktora Mikoyan Street to Building 2, Building 1 on 2nd Peschanaya Street and in the area of ​​the Moscow People’s Militia Divisions Square), on 2nd Sand Street (on the even side of Novopeschanaya streets to 3rd Peschanaya street). It will still not be possible to drive along the local driveway from house 2 on Khodynsky Boulevard to 20a on Khodynsky Boulevard.

Parking space will be limited in several areas until the end of the match. So, the car cannot be left on Aviakonstruktora Mikoyan Street (in the area of ​​house 2, building 12 on 3rd Peschanaya Street), Birch Grove driveway (near house 12), Khodynsky passageway (from Berezovaya Roscha driveway to Khodynsky Boulevard in each direction), as well as in the parking lot opposite house 10 in the passage of the Berezovaya Roshcha.

From 19 to 31 October and from 10 to 19 November, engineering work will be carried out on Bochkova Street, therefore, traffic will be limited in the area of ​​house 3/15, building 10. And from October 31 to November 11 and from November 19 to 30, it will be impossible to drive in the area houses 11a.

From October 20 to April 25, they plan to reconstruct engineering networks in the Central Administrative District. In this regard, a number of traffic restrictions are also introduced there. Changes will affect sections of Kholzunov Lane, Frunzenskaya Embankment and others.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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